Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mr.Hubble ate my rainbow.

I’m annoyed. Because of a number of reasons. Which i won’t mention here because that would just make me more angry and annoyed. So, instead, I'm going to post some nice pictures for you all. This is a picture post. Or  whateveryouwannacallit.

My pretty dirty rainy terrace.

Rainbow =] It was really bright actually, but the pic came out so light =\


Two rainbows! The second one is the really dim one above the main rainbow.

Ok you know what the tragedy is? I just found out that i don’t have any more random pics to put up this time. None. Aaaaaargh.

So I'll just have to talk about stuff. Last night i was about to go to sleep. It was And suddenly the lights went out. So i went out to the terrace. It was pleasant. Mosquitoes wanted to kill me but other than that, it was nice. Which reminds me of that time last summers. When s2 was here, and the lights were out all night. And we were sitting on the terrace floor, and i was reading Wuthering Heights on s2’s iPod. And we made a video of a nutcase insect that kept spinning around like crazy. o.O Maybe i still have that video :D Lemme check.

Its not there. =[ I lost it. Okay. But i found this:

Mr.Hubbles is having cold coffee. Aww.

I have quickly decided that i need a haricut. I want shorter hair. Fun. And i am aware that this post sucks. =[ But whatever.  Just see the rainbows and be happy. Im going to start studying now. AND! I’m going to do the Bag Tag thingy soon. The one that i found here. :D

p.s. I’m blinder now. My eyesight has gone weaker. Its –2.5 in the left eye and -2.25 in the right one. =[ Pliss noh! =[

Fun. Okay Bye then.


Shreya said...

HOWEVER random you get, you always sound interesting :D

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Shreya
N awwww for you :P Wear specs?

Koo said...

Cute post :)
-2.5 is like Nothing! :P I have -6. And I's be so much younger than you, i guess :O

uglyduckling91 said...

Get one binocular and a microscope. :D

The Me. said...

Shreya: Aww yayyy, glad you think so. =D

Shaiz: I sure do! I don't like wearing them though =[

Koo: omG -6 ? :O Do you wear lenses all the time or glasses? And i'm 18. How old are you? =o

duck: Hahah =P. But noh, there ain't that much of a difference between them <.<

~RainDrops. said...

cute pictures :D