Monday, March 15, 2010


All of a sudden, everything looks, feels, and smells like summers.
Oh, and I blew my AKU entry test. AND got bit by some insect. And now my foot's swollen.

Now i'm gonna get back to daal chawal and Sherlock holmes. I love Jude Law in it. Okay bye.


Maryam said...

I love Jude Law. AND DAAL CHAWAL <3!

uglyduckling91 said...

Get your foot checked AE ESS AE PEE! Hope it gets better soon. ^^

~RainDrops. said...

Yeah, get ur foot checked, its important specially cuz you dont know what bit you >.>
Its is Summer. Lol. Happy Summer :D

Shreya said...

you done with books and tests and exams? :(

aw i miss the 'me my bed food novels and dvds' scene :(

The Me. said...

Maryam: Me too =D

duck and rain : Well! I took an anti-allergic and the swellings better already. So i think its gonna be fine soon =p

Shreya: Im not done =[ Im free only for another day or two. I got my finals next month! My exams just won't end. -.-

Koo said...

Summeerrrrrr yayyy :D
I likes your blog : )
I specially likes your 'About me' :D

- Koo

Remya said...

Ouch..@The insect bite ;)
Oh yeah...I remember..the insects at your place have super-powers don't they?
I love dal chawal, sherlock holmes, not so sure about Law though....:<
And yes, its summers :(
I dont like summers. I "likes" winters ^_^

Nipun said...

Mr. Holmes is awesome.
Waise which story are u going through ryt now?

I look thin in summers.
I hate this season.:(



The Me. said...

Koo: Aw thanks so much! Keep reading =D

Remya: Jude law is awesome in this movie! You should check it out! And i don't like summers either. -.- Winters are the love.

Nipun: I was watching the movie actually. =] . And yeah, summers aren't nice. =\

Hammad said...

Don't worry about the AKU test all my friends screwed it up as well. But to be honest they weren't really that bright to begin with. =p

The Me. said...

Hahah. Well friends of mine told me they did good on the test -.- I ran out of time <.< .