Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is what it is.

Im exhausted. And tired. And sleepy. And i have a really bad headache. And i just woke up. And im hungry. And i feel weird.

I went to attend Sh’s wedding today. Sh was our house maid for ten years or so. So she practically grew up with us. And it was her wedding today. In her house, in her village. Far away. Where everything is made of mud. Almost.

I went with my mom. Everyone treated us like we were idontknowhats. When they weren’t fussing over how to make us more comfortable, they were staring at us. Just standing. And looking. I mean. I don’t mind that. It does get quite uncomfortable but i do understand it so. Yeah. Anyway. I felt really sad there. The kids were so weak and tiny. And Sh was in a weird depressed state. Mom said its natural to feel weird before the wedding. But still. The mahol was so depressing.

My mom is really cute and i love the kind of person she is. She’s so honest and clear. When she lies, it shows. Its funny. She’s SO strong. And genuine. And cute.

I’ve eaten little. I’m gonna go down now and eat something. Oh. It rained yesterday. And there were two rainbows. I took pictures. Ill post some of them later.

I feel emotional.

And my rooms messy. Whose gonna clean that now?!


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

LOL.. ur feelings are so similar to mine... :P

Fareed said...

Sentimental soap opera =)

The Me. said...

Lonely: Haha Ookay =p

Fareed: Sentimental, maybe. Soap opera, not really. =)

Lavender said...

May be she was forced into getting married or she was just overwhelmed by all the attention :|

Nice Blog btw :)


~RainDrops. said...

Aw :(

uglyduckling91 said...

Yes, aw :(
Maybe it was just the day?

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

Hey there :) Hi!
Just stumbled upon your pretty blog :D
Two Rainbows. Wow! Do post the pictures.
You have a nice blog! Will surely come back.
Take Care till then :)

The Me. said...

Lavender: I think it was the latter. And thaaanks =] .

Rain: Yeaah, aww =/

duck: Maybe =p .

wink: Hahah thaanks :D . And yeah i'll post the pics soon! Do come back and check =p .

Anonymous said...

SH GOT MARRIED???? =O I didnt know!! Damn! Thats sounds so weird! So is she not with you guys anymore? Who's gonna make you death by coffee now? =/