Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ze happyness.

I feel happy. Right now. This very moment. I feel happy. So evenmehh though my internet's not working, I'm going to save the moment right here. On this notepad, yes. Which i will later post on the blog etc etc.Anyway. Today, was a 'good' day. Wasn't so good in the morning though, when my cell phone went nuts and i couldn't find the shirt i wanted to wear to Sd's birthday. But then it got better. A lot better. The whole surprise birthday we had planned for her went great (which was my idea ^^). The balloons and the cute cake and the stupid candles. She loved it all. I'm so glad! And then the traffic jam where got stuck for an hour was soo awesome too (in its own way =p). And and. Oh everything. And then at home, i talked to s1 and heard the weird story about the guy who died (=\) . And then i sat with mom and dad and talked with them and laughed with them. And then i came upstairs and talked to Wh and laughed with her after a long time. And then i talked to s2 on the phone and talked to her for an hour. And now i feel happy.
So, i like it when I'm happy. Everyone's happy. I like it when people around me are happy. Everyone should be happy. And optimistic. And strong. But then that would all be in a perfect world. =\ Yeaaah, see I don't really like perfect worlds. Who likes perfect worlds? They're boring, no?  I like all the ups and downs in life. They make the good times worth it. I'm going off topic. I know. But i feel like writing so I'm going to! My thoughts are so incoherent. I get distracted so easily. But I'm very unstable, emotionally. And i need to REALLY control that now. I mean, I'm really good at dealing with a lot of stuff but then I'm pathetic in other areas. What am i even talking about?

Blah. So. I was saying. That i am happy. I don't like random 'sinking feelings' destroying my nice yellow happy feeling. Okay? Yeah. Okay I'm going to shut up now. Oh, funny thing. I got two Agatha Christie novels from my friend. I used to read them back in 8th grade or something. But i need something, anything to read nowadays, so i'm going to read those. Fun. And i watched the movie, 'The blind side'. I thought it was great. I loved it. I want to be a saint. =] Okay. Now I'm gonna watch Frost Nixon with some cold left over pizza. Bliss.
Byebye peoply.
LOL. I wrote peoply! Hahah. Okay.

p.s. I know the dolly up there is a bit distorted. But she's the best. So whatever.



Shreya said...

she, the distorted dolly, is the pwettiest thing I'v seen this week ^.^ pwetty dolly of the week she is!

I don't feel happy...sigh.

But good for you! lucky duck! :)

Koo said...

Hehe, sucha very Happy-full post! Such things add to my happiness, weirdly. It's like, I'm happy because people are happy, they inspire me to be haaaaaapyyyyy. yay. ^^

Cat said...

that was, me, noor =) =p

Cat said...

happy happy happy! EW! =/
its good that you were happy but too much happy =p

Roshni said...

Happy is g00d.
MashAllah to yur happiness... we dont wanna' be jinxing it now, do we ^.^

~RainDrops. said...

YAY ^_^
Cute picture :)

Maryam said...

Glad you're happy. Glad you had a happy day. I wish I was having a happy day. I'm having a crappy day =[

uglyduckling91 said...

Happiness is yellow? O:

« ♥ Shona™ ♫ » said...

Heheh!! Such a happy post!! Me likeeeey!! :P Loveee the pic!!

The Me. said...

Shreya: Yeaaah she sure is a pretty dolly :D . Thaanki. I hope yuo feel happy though =o soon.

Koo: Hahah yayiee!

Noor: Whatev =)

Roshni: Yes =o . MashAllah!

Raindrops: Thankyou :D

Maryam: Crappy days suck =.= . I hope you get happy yellow days soon. =d

duck: It sure is! =o Aren't all the smileys yellow too?

Shona: Thaaankyou so much =]

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Okay too much happy... and i also got lost in the short names for ur friends... Im glad u had a happy day though..