Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chapter 18.

Im Eighteen. =]

Dad brought four different blocks of cake from the cafe. We had a big candle in between. Then we cut the cake and then the birthday song was sung.

I prayed to God to somehow make it rain on my birthday please. And look outside, its started to rain. :D

Happy birthday to me. I like Me. I love you Baba. =d And God, i love You the most!


Anonymous said...

I came onto your blog like ten times today to check if there was a birthday entry, cuz i was SURE there would be =D

Happyyy birthdayyy to you and your daddd!!! =D

And I love your optimism =p

And you're legal now!!! Come to usa =p

Haha cheers for eighteenness again! *clap clap hooting streamers popping balloons whistles fireworks*

Anonymous said...

hey manny manny happy returns of the day :D

Ally said...

Happy Eighteenth Birthday! =)

MagicalMe said...

Yayy! =D
Happie happie bdayyyyyyyy :D :D

have loadss of fun cuz after all 18th is an important one! =D

B. said...


~RainDrops. said...

Thats so awesome, i wish it would have rained on my birthday :/
You're dad sounds mega sweet :)
Hope you have a blast, Tc.

The Me. said...

Ifrah: Awwww :D thankyou SO much. And ill repeat, you're my favourite blog reader :D

Shaiz: Thanks! :D

Ally: Thankyou so much =]]

Magicalyou: I did have lots of fun :D Thanks for wishingg!

B: :D lool.

Rain: He IS MEGAsweet :D Thaaanks for wishing =]]]]

Remya said...

And to think I forgot like an absolute idiot...But hey...I'm allowed to be a day late right?
*peers hopefully*

But then,...Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18?...I'm jealous..;/
May your dad and you have the best year ahead...:D
P.S.: You and your randomness rock XD
Take care.

uglyduckling91 said...


The Me. said...

Remya: Hahah thats totally okay :D thankyou so much! and how old are you? =D

duck: THANKYOU! =p

Remya said...
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Marina said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had an awesome one :)
Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting! <3

nil said...

Belated happy birthday! :)

Maryam said...

I am SODAMNLATE but what the heck, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

noor said...

you're legal! =p
and you're a witch =) magic karti ho =p