Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Since this is my 100th post, i’ll celebrate and tell you all some random things about me. Its your lucky day. cornw

- If you haven’t already figured it out, s1 is my eldest sister, and s2 comes after her. I’m the youngest. I love being the youngest.

- I personalize everything i own. Things i own, were made only for me. They suit me and i suit them.

- I think babies and children don’t like me. That’s why i often shy away from them. A lot of times i make my fish face to make them like me. They find it interesting.

- I love to read. Anything and everything. From novels to health articles to blogs to the stuff written on the back of shampoo bottles.

- I forgive easily. I don’t like fighting and shouting and all that weird headachy stuff.

-  I love all the little things in the world. The really little ones that we all take for granted.

- I'm a texting person.

- My dream is to run on wet roads till i can’t breathe. And sing songs while i’m running. At 5 am in the morning.

- I can’t tolerate self pity. I’ll kill you.

- If it were upto me i’d buy a new cellphone every few months.

- I can’t take compliments very well:

Person: Hey i love your bag!

Me: Oh. Hah. really? oh..okay. This is the only bag i have actually. So yeah, what else is up?

- I love eating those sugar free wheat biscuits that taste like cardboard. Only softer. I haven’t tasted cardboard. I’m just saying.

Okay enough about me.

I have my second last exam tomorrow. Should get back to studying and watching House. 



Dee.Dee said...

Since you're not good at taking compliments, I really have nothing left to say.

Eh eh eh.

The Me. said...

Dayemm, but i do like em! =$

uglyduckling91 said...

I come here after trying to study chemistry for hours just to read more about studies? ;___; </3

I'm no good at taking compliments either. They make me nervous. :|

House was awesome. D:

Anonymous said...

<3 the drawing!
- You're abnormal when it comes to forgiveness.
- Your wheat biscuits LOOK like cardboad too AND I think maybe kids dont like you cause you make fun of them =P

P.S Loved the entry! :D

Nipun said...

Awesome piece.
Loved it..
100 is an achievement.
But no compliments..



nil said...

Haha, Heyyy Happy 100th post lady! :)
Lol, the part "I haven't tasted cardboard. I'm just saying" --something about it cracked me up!! :D

waiting for more posts!! :)

The Me. said...

Heyy no fair! I love compliments! (Who doesn't? =p).
And thanks all :D

s1: Kids are just funny. -.-

Closed eyes... said...

I'm worst at taking compliments :S

Cool blog. You have a new follower :)

Anonymous said...

great way to put up a 100th post :D

The Me. said...

Thanks and thanks =D

Zainab Dhanji said...

cool. So it makes the three of us who're not good at taking complies! (yea see how I personalized the word compliment as my own) :-P

Happy 100th =D

Err *the word I'm required to enter for verification is sessess* 0_o

*Shreya* said...

AGAIN i say! why cant i have a friendy like you in the real world!!!!! so much fun it will be :( aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

you'r too funny, i know you cant take compliments, but, you'r funny and i cant help it :P

I cant believe you already hit a 100 cause i fuckin started blogging 2 years back and hit a hundred in december o.O WOW.


secret.whispers said...

House is the best invention of TV ever. Like EVER. I LOVE HOUSE. I am addicted. children and babies sometimes like me, other times they cry. so i stay away too. i'm the youngest one and i love it too! YAY!
i love this btw.

P.S. no the compliment does not require acknowledgment..i just thought you should know :)