Friday, February 5, 2010

I want to hug a panda.

I'm listening to Enya. A track called Boadicea. Its quite soothing. It rained here last night. Not heavy rain. Just a little. I woke up late and stayed in bed for some time. The air had the scent of winter in it. Then mom called and asked to come down for breakfast. Now I'm here, trying to study. Chemistry. My exam is on Monday. I hate it. I can’t learn all those reactions. Its impossible.

I feel peaceful, among many other things. I love my giant gray sweater and my matching plain gray socks. There's something about winter clothes that makes you feel so good. I'm going to watch Marie Antoinette today.

I want to go stand on the top of a mountain. I want to hug a giant panda. Have pancakes and cheesecake for breakfast. Take a ride on a roller coaster. Make pots out of mud. I want to kill my brain and my back, working for hours on something that i like.

I love it how we’re always learning something. Good experiences and bad ones. They help us grow. One of the reasons i blog, and take pictures is to look back at them sometime later to see how much I've changed. And how much everything else has changed.

Right now, i want to know everything about Titanic, Einstein and the World Map. Oh God, You’re the Best.

update: it has started raining again. I'm on the terrace right now. The birds are just nuts. But they sound nice. Heehee. My hands are freezing. I just had coffee. I'm all hdywiqpncb now. Chemistry, go to hell. =]


**MaV said...

I love winter clothes too :)
I love looking at kids at winter, they look so adorable, all warm and cosy ^_^

Good luck studying :)
Pandas must be nice to hug o_O

Anonymous said...

The toughest stains
Removed by 'Tide'
The toughest stains
Removed by 'Tide'
NaCl is Sodium Chloride.

See... chem isn't that boring :D

uglyduckling91 said...

A Titanic link:,_or_the_Wreck_of_the_Titan

Chemistry can go to hell. \m/ THE RAIN IS AWESOME. It's so awww. ;_;

Anonymous said...

Heyy :)
Kya man..did i ever mention? I loved reading your blog?
You've got this amazing random sense of humor. Humor relating to very trivial things and when you think of them you cannot avoid a smile. I think you try writing an excerpt or sumthing..I'm pretty sure you'll be able to come up with something really worthwhile and me :)
Oh, I hate chem too..yayie!
Anyways, take care..all the best..Ciao :)

Bilal said...


The Me. said...

Mav : Trueee! Kids are the cutest fat things in winters with their fat little jackets! ^.^

Shaiz : Haha oh yes, that just taught me everything there was to chemistry. =p

duck: Hahah funny you posted this link. I've actually read it before =d. Chemistry is ruining my rain day =[

Remya: Awwww man thankyou SO much! Your comment made me feel so good about myself =p . But, well. I can't really write, so =$ . Yeah. What i write here is pretty much all i can do =p.

Bilal: =D

Note: Blogger ate Zainab Dhanji's comment! D':