Monday, February 8, 2010


Oh God. Chemistry is trying to kill me. =’[

The fact that its my last paper tomorrow aint helping much. Everyones sleeping. No ones online on msn. Nothings happening on facebook. Im sick of all the songs. I have no new comments to make me feel good either. And i suck =’[

Theres so much to do. I just. Oh God. =[ Help.

I had coffee. Its raining outside and i feel like laughing so much. But what do i laugh about? :@ Im all jumpy and weird. AND I CANT LEARN ALL THOSE STUPID WEIRD REACTIONS OKAY? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? :S


Everyone hates you. Why don’t you just go away? Have you no self respect at all?


Zainab Dhanji said...

I thought it was just headaches, but turns out, you talk to chemistry too! I hope these are the only two negative relationships you're involved in -_-

Ok, on a serious note, if you want to feel better just take out 5 minutes and close ur eyes, take a deep breath in and release it in a while. Concentrate on not thinking about anything at all in those 5 minutes. Just think about not thinking.

You will feel better. I'm sure you will. And as for chemsitry, it will just be fine. Tomorrow's the paper so technically the damage has been done, right? Lol na, just kidding, you're gona rock the paper.

Gud luck =)

Disguise said...

Dude, I fucking failed my chemistry pre board. Tell me about how chemistry is the cause of disaster.
I feel your pain, I do. :)

Dee.Dee said...

I love how you refer to inanimate things as animate things =D
Headaches. Chemistry.
What's next \m/?

The Me. said...

Hahah. I actually talk to everything. =\ =$
And well yes. Chemistry is gone now. Weird funnyness. But whatever. I dont care as long as its over. =]
Anyway, thanks for commenting y'all =D

uglyduckling91 said...

(*#&()*$&#*()&$#(*$&#(*(*@&#(*@ CHEMISTRY.

**MaV said...

God. I think i even lost my chem notebook.

B. said...

I feel scared to declare I liked chemistry. :|

The Me. said...

Haha well i liked it too back in o levels. But now its just evil. >.<

B. said...

Reading A Level chem now?

Ifrahess said...

I ditched chemistry last year. It was just not a productive relationship at all. I couldnt see us going anywhere. So I dumped chemistry.

You should do the same.