Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shepherd moons.

I’ve been wanting to write something here. Something nice. Since morning. But i really can’t come up with anything. I have a lot of things on my mind. As in, things I've been observing and noticing and forming opinions about. [for lack of a better activity. pff]. But i can’t seem to channel it out here. Its pretty annoying. You don’t know.

I have to start planning and studying for the big entry test. But i don’t feel like starting just yet. I want a break. From my stupid routine. From the dullness and deadness of everything. I hate deadness. I LIVE in deadness. This place is dead. Everything is dead! Well.. Not really. I'm just saying. And I'm saying this cuz I'm terminally bored. Oh yes i am.

I want to go climb some nice mountain or something. I have to get my eye sight checked. I’m so blind. Food’s here. I'm going to watch the departed for the second time. I watched it back then when it was new. And that’s four years ago. So yeah I'll watch it again. I don’t remember it.

My blog is boring and monotonous. =[

*Wears a cone cap with something sad written on it and sits in the corner*

Pfff. No. Not really. Anyway. I like being optimistic. I don’t like all the black negativity. A little is fine. But not too much. I will kill it. I still haven’t seen Avatar. Can you believe that? [Well, of course you can =s].

Okay. I have a very pretty picture for you all. I took it on the way to my friend’s house that day. Its soooo. Well. See for yourself. =D


Tell me its awesome. Or I'll have to kill myself. So that i can turn into a ghost .And then haunt you. And then kill you.

Lame. Okay. Go, shoo now.

Oh, don’t shoo just yet.


P.s.2. You might have noticed that the title has nothing to do with the rest of the post. I have decided that i will chose random songs from my real player play list and use them as titles for random weird posts like these. Thankyou very much.

P.s.3. I will write nicer stuff in the future =[ I think. Ill try o.O . =\


Dee.Dee said...

You and I have a lot in common. With the whole wanting-to-be-optimistic thing.

This same exact thing happened to me today. I wanted to write something nice and couldn't think of anything and still force myself to write and end up not liking it but still posting it and blindly hoping for the audience to like it -_-.

I like this post. Yay. =p

*Shreya* said...

*Wears a cone cap with something sad written on it and sits in the corner*

hehheeh you'r funny-sad :P

I loooooove the pciture! looks sooo night-y and dark-y no???

Nice!!!! smile-up now!

uglyduckling91 said...

I haven't seen Avatar either. We're just too cool. ^^

Nice pic. =o

Fareed said...

Asking someone bored to write this much, was asking a lot, I thought.

The Me. said...

Deedee: Hahaha yeah pessimism is so over rated. Some people think its cool. Its so not. -.- Thanks =D

Shreya: Aw thaaanks. Im glad you still find it all funny =P

the duck: But i want to see Avatar! Am i still cool? =$ And thanks about the pic. Thou shall not be haunted now.

Fareed: *ouch* =\

Ally said...

The picture is dreamy ^^ I love the ferris wheel!

oRange* said...

are u kidding me :O
your blog's anything but boring!
and u sound so cute in all your posts :)

keep the blog going
it raacks :D

The Me. said...

Thankyou Ally, yeah i love the ferris wheel the most!

Aww thanks Orange. =D Keep reading you, and don't get bored =p

Anonymous said...

Where is this Ferris wheel? Don't worry I have the same problem can't ever decide what to write on my blog. :/

Absar Shah said...

I wanna listen to an Opera!!

(What? Random title, random post, I thought it'd only be fitting to leave a random comment :))

The Me. said...

hamster: The Ferris wheel is in the lower right corner =O .

absar shah : Hahah. =p

Absar Shah said...

Eh, please call me Absar? Whenever someone last-names me I feel like daant par rahi hai :P

Maryam said...

I like the picture. I like your blog, too its not monotonous. Its 8 a.m., that's about all the nice I can give you tabye