Saturday, February 20, 2010

In my head.

My birthday’s almost here. Me and my dad share the same birth date. 25th of February, that is. I’m big on birthdays. I’ve been feeling black these past couple of days. No reason. Just. My mom is so cute.

Telenor has betrayed my trust. Im getting a warid sim as back up. :\IMG_0640 I don’t feel like writing. I mean, i do. But i can’t right now, i think. Umm. I love The lord of the rings. Legendary stuff.

Gollum: [singing] Pretty little fly. Why does he cry? Caught in a web. Soon he'll be... eaten.

I’m a rare specie. My blood group is O- and i just have half a thyroid gland.

It's a dream I'm having and I keep relapsing
all that's in my head.

Enough for today. Byebye.


Anonymous said...

Lord of the rings is epic! Nothing like it =D

The Me. said...

Hainaaa, true!

Remya said...

Oh-kay. That was random ;)
Hey I adoreeee Lord Of the Rings. Few years back, I used to sit and memorize the dialogues frm the movie(play, pause, play, pause, rewind, play, pause)...:)
Damn..that reminds me- after boards I hafta read the book. I haven't read it till now. *wails*
Can you lend me yours?
Sure the word "epic" matches it.
And oyeee...Your bday is cuming :))))
5 days!!!
Catchya on the "big day" then..:P

MagicalMe said...

Wow, you're rare! =O

And you and your dad share the same bday! that is so cute :D

uglyduckling91 said...


~RainDrops. said...

How weird.I hate my warid sim so im getting a telenor sim for backup and MMS =/ . Thats so cool, you and ur dad share the same Birthday ^^
Happy birthday to both of u in advance :)

The Me. said...

Remya: Hahah sure i can lend you mine. Its just sitting on the table, waiting for me to get done with my never ending exams =p .
And i love reading your long comments :D

Magicalyou: Yes it is :D I was born on his birthday. How awesome =p

duck: I KNOW :O

Rain: Thaanks. =] And hey! Why're you getting a telenor sim for MMS? One mms costs 6 rps. =\ In warid, have this sms craze package which gives me free mms :D .
But oh, other than that, i do love telenor more, and i still use it =o.

~RainDrops. said...

You keep texting the whole monthhh in 150 rupee's .. lalalala.
But for some reason MMS doesnt work for me, like i have like 25 MMS's but it just wont OPEN TWT
Which led to my friend screaming "The day you fix your mms will be the happiest day of my life! Tum ya toh zong lo ya toh telenor ki sim lo!" =.=''

The Me. said...

=o Why won't it open them? Try calling the helpline people. I hate them though. They never actually have a clue about anything you say to them -.- But i was having problems initially but it works fine now!

Furqan said...


Yeah um, i have nothing else to add.

Oh, you must've also read the hobbit by tolkein? It's a lovely little book.

The Me. said...

Yeah i have. I do love it!

B. said...

Happy Birthday.To both of you :)

The Me. said...

Thankyou so much B =]

» sahil said...

I love Lord of the Rings. But I say that for the books :P