Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back again !

My nets finally working again. Its been ages. It feels weird to type again. Actually, not really, but whatever. Its just been quite long. I slept near 4 last night after watching that movie "The Changeling". The movie was longer than two hours but i enjoyed it, it was sad, and angelina jolie looked old. Anyway.
Yeah so i didnt sleep well cuz i don't know,umm, i don't know. Maybe it was the fan or i dont know :P . I just didn't sleep well. Around 10 am, M came over and woke me up. Soon C came too and we started studying. Then around 4 i guess, M left. C stayed and we talked. Etcetera. =p
Now i was just about to sleep when i checked that the net was finally working. I wantd to jump! Its awesome. Im alive again. I feel good about it.
Im pretty sleepy right now. I gotta study at night. I also have my dentists appointment tomorrow, remember everyone! Im going to get braces on my lower teeth too. Man, this sucks :p. Braces. They suck. lol. I hate my dentist. She hates me too. She avoids me. She hates me. Hmph.
Just once, ONCE, she asked me how i was feeling. I said i was fine, and that was the end of it. She never asked me that again. She hates me. Btw, last week, she was changing the my braces's wire, and asked which colour i wanted. I was so dumb, i was like, ummm umm, which colour am i wearing now? :p She said, silver (its actually grey-ish, it aint silver, it doesn't SHINE :\), and i said yeah okay, phir se wohi laga dain. *rolls eyes*
Im quite sleepy, im going to sleep for an hour i guess. With the fan on. =\ Fans, summers. Long story.
Okay, bubye.
Enjoy. Comment.
Go away.

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Maaz. said...

lol you were dumb