Friday, February 20, 2009



So, theres this song called poker face which is FUN. I like to jump around on it alot. Well, i use the word 'jump' here, cuz calling it 'dancing' would be an insult to dancing itself. :p So anyway, i'm SO happy, my friend M's mom told me today that 'tum sookh gayi ho', which is so awsome. I wanted to hear that for some time now :p . And well. The biggest news today is that at 8:50 am, there was an earthquake here. And it was kinda scary, but not that scary. Some people didn't even feel it, which is quite weird.
S2 is talking on the phone with her friend, "I". She laughs abnormally loud when she's on phone with one of her friends. S1 just entered the room and has alot of problems related to studies.
She just sort of purred out my name , and it scared me, cuz she does that when she wants something. But she just wants a little favour this time. She is giving me an assignemnt :p. I have to find weird 'histological' images of stuff like the Ilium, Jejenum, oesophagus etc, from the internet and she's going to guess their names. And with thaat, she's gone.
Umm, i think this blog is about s2 and s1 more than it is about myself. I should write more about me and less about them. So getting on with that. I've been wanting to watch that movie 'the Changeling' for quite some time now, ive finally downloaded it now but i can't find time to watch it. :\ . I cant even find time to read my novel nowadays which is called 'A time to Kill' by John Grisham. I did read 'Brisingr' last night btw, which is well, the third book in the Inheritance Series. By Christopher Paulini. =)
This is myyy bloggy so i'll talk about books too cuz i like books. I love books. I want to read more books. I don't want to read my biology book. It is green and fat. Toads are green and fat too.
Anyway, thats all for now. Maybe ill write in more tonight. =d


Sidra said...
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Sidra said...

Space k bharpoor kamyabi k baad paish hain ayesha k niye blogs!

Ala bhei aala.