Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cockroachness and randomness.


I'm victorious. I just completed the longest chapter in the history of long chapters. The Nutrition chapter. It included nutrition in amoeba, hydra, planaria, cockroach (of course) , and Man. Well, Man and Amoeba, i get, but cockroach and this hydra crap i don't get at all. Umm, i guess hydra is okay too, its just the cockroach that i dont get. So like, really, why am i supposed to know how roaches have 'pairs of chitinous sharp teeth that they use for grinding their food' or that hahah, that, they have this wide digestive sac called 'crop' in which the food gets mixed or whatever. Lol, CROP! :p . No - i dont get it. I got this 'repiration' chapter after this, and theres cockroach in that too! Cockroaches are ruining my life. And to top it all off , cockroaches are Omnivores. I mean we actually have competetion here, they're gonna eat all our food one day =\ .
Im going to dissect a cockroach in my second year. =)
=) =)
No. I dont want to discuss that. =\
Anyway. S2 and S1 said my post 'hi again' was lame and pointless. Something like that. I hope this one is a little more meaningful, with all my blabber about cockroaches. About lameness, can't promise anything. =p . Im proud to be lame actually. Not really, but kinda. I guess. Maybe. Whatever.
I have a coffee headache right now. I should be doing physics at the moment but the cockroach inside me ( EW, did i actually say that ? EW. i want to press backspace and write something cleaner, but then i'd have to think over what to write instead and aslkdjaskldjal...) says that i should listen to some music and sleep. The nerd inside me says that i should practice the numericals of that Waves chapter. That chapter sucks. I dont get it. Eeee, i dont know what to do. Anyway, this post is getting quite long. Im going to end it.

p.s. dont make me beg all of you to write comments here. Please! =p
p.s.2. OKAY, i get it, i'm retarded. But none of you is FINE either. hmph.


Sd said...

=| roaches disgust me .. no comment =p ..

Moth said...

it doesn't have anything about me in it -_-

Xaad said...

After reading your post, I am rejoicing my decision to NOT study biology/zoology! And hey bingo, you admit being a nerd!

Note: said...

I didn't listen to nerd inside me :P
I listened to the cockroach =\