Friday, February 20, 2009



There's something terribly wrong with this poll thing on the right. Its closing date has long passed but it still says 12 more hours to go :s . I cant get rid of it. =\ . Anyway. Well, im pretty distracted right now cuz S2 is sitting infont of me telling all sorts of college stories, and im listneing to her, and this is pretty distracting. She doesn't care if i'm writing something or whatever im doing, she just wants me to listen to her stories. I dont know what im writing at all. Cuz im listening to her stories. Cuz if i dont respond, she wont like it. So erm. Brb. in 2 mins. Im listening to her.

Okay. Stories will never end. So i better start writing again. :p . Well. The weather is awesome today. Its not that cold anymore. But today it rained again, and it was soooo nice. Loved it. Specially the colony that i go to my bio tuition for, its quite cute. When it rains, its even cuter. The road gets all wet and its awesome. So theres alot of awesomeness. Rain Rain. I love rain. Rain is peaceful and happy and pretty and its cold. I love rain. I like to walk on the terrace at night with songs and rain. Btw, S2 is still telling stuff in the background. She'll never stop, with her college stories. She'll NEVER stop. Ever. She will never stop taking pictures with her friends and she certainly wont ever stop forcing me to watch them. =\ Anyway.

Its 12.23. Ive got ALOT of botany to do again. Planteaeeae. Planty. Lol. Cute name but sucky chapter. Its got stuff like Bryophytes and Tracheophytes and stuff. Bryophytes are non-vascular plants and Tracheophytes are vascular. I learnt that at tuition today. Yes, i do take bio tuition. Ok, im getting quite boring. =\ . I made a pretty tasteless cup of coffee today. It wasn't frothy at all. =\ Hahah. But it wasn't gray and bitter either, so thats good. =p

Im angry at S2. She ain't doing that topic 'Muscles of Mastication'. She HAD to do it today, but she's delaying it since forever and =@ . Im going to make sure she does it. =) . S1, on the other hand had to supposedly 'pull an all-nighter' today, but she's fast asleep right now i guess :p .
Okay so thats it. Thats itttt.
Ill go do Plantayyyy.

p.s. I wore a cute pink sweater today, and cute pink shoes. =) =p


Maaz. said...

oh its even cuter

Note: said...

im done with muscles of mastication, not cuz u told me to =p.. and this is an insult to my stories =(

Note: said...

note is me =\ s2 =p