Monday, February 23, 2009


Im high.
On what?
My birthday! xD
..AND on the fact that I witnessed the MOST awkward conversation ever. It was between S1 and my driver's daughter (DD) who used to play with us when we were kids. So she came over to visit us after yearss, and i was in a pretty messy state so i pretended to sleep while she sat in our room with s1.
And so they started talking: (or atleast attempted to)

S1: aa jaaoo, A (me) to so rahi hai kab se. Uthti hi nahi hai *kicks me a couple of times* .. Uth jaaoo. *i dont move* Tsk. Chalo choro.
DD : *mute*
S1 : achaa, aur sunaaao.
DD : *smiles*
S1 : *smiles too*. acha kia karti rehti ho?
DD : tuition karati hoon.
S1 : oooh achaa.. haan sahi baat hai.. ghar main banda bore hota rehta hai.. kuch nai hota karnay ko..achi baat hai.. hmm.. good..
DD: hmm.
S1: . *smiles*
DD: *smiles awkwardly*


S: P (DD's sister) ke kitnay bachay ho gyay hain?
DD : 3 betiyan, aik beta.
S : oooh acha.. sahi sahi.. hmmm
DD : hmmm..
S: hmm..

*awkward silence*
S1: mehendi bhi lagayi hui haii *smiles*
DD: haan. *smiles*



S: acha.. umm.. sab kitnay baray ho gyay haina. heheh.
DD : haan
S: hmmm
DD: hmmmm.

*awkward silence for the longest time ever*

DD: isko uthaao na.
S: *nudges me a couple of times* ye uthti hi nahi hai.
DD: *mute*
S : *yawns* mujhay bhi itni neend aati hai. har waqt sonay ka dil chahta hai. lekin parhna hota hai.. A (me) to subha subha uth jaati hai college days main. keh rahi hoti hai late nahi karana ye woh, mujhay to bohut neend aa rahi hoti hai.. heheh.
DD: *smiles, otherwise mute*
S: hmmm
DD: hmmm.

S1 feels suffocated by the silence and turns on the tv. Its some drama on HUM Tv.

DD: Star plus lagao.
S: hehe.. hmm.

They keep watching the drama in the same awkward silence.

The End.

P.s. Its not the exact convo, but i tried to, just TRIED, to show how awkward it actually was :p.

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Anonymous said...

You should really appreciate S1's efforts of striking up a conversation. I really know how how she felt :P Pooa.