Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hi again.

Lol. my blog is as empty as ever. But well, thats because i haven't really given out the link to anyone. But i will, soon. Im just lazy. Im the laziest. I just had coffee. It was the very famous, 'death-by-coffee' that my maid makes. I usually choke after the first sip, but i stabilize soon after, and gulp gulp gulp until its finished. So im kinda hyper right now. Im energized. I feel good. I feel good because people compliment me alot. =P Its a nice thing to feel good about.
Well. Aaah. Happy sigh. aaaaah. =)
haha. Okay. My sister, S1 is reading out tips on how to enhance one's memory. They're funny tips btw. Some of them are nice, but well i know most of them already. I google these things alot. Anyway, as this a public blog, i'd be referring my eldest sister as S1, and the one after her as S2. HAHA. I love this LOL. Quite funny!
Ok, before i start getting post coffee headaches, id better start studying. Im doing the 'Nutrition'chapter today. Its got Nutrition in cockroach in it too. =\ . Puke.
Ok. Taa.


Sd said...

So .. hello !! .. luved this new bloggy look .. nd lol same as "the grey matter" .. PSYCH RANT .. has the same crazy effects .. its funny !! hehe .. well luved ur weirdly crazily stupidly pagaly new blog =) .. keep it coming YO !! =p ok .. i've to go eat custard .. see u soon =) taa ..

Anonymous said...

After a gazillion taunts and hate you messages from you, i've finally decided to grace your blog by my comment. So lame, i know.
I lurveeeeed the grey matter, and i wub the so-far-a-babie blog too and specially the pink colour :D
Its 2:30 am and i cant think of any other thing to comment on except the poll :P
Love it! :D Written verification of your mental state :>

P.S Sis, you write REAL good =]

P.P.S Looking forward to more entries, treats for insanity attacks :P

Xaad said...

I love your blog!