Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hi. =p

Asalamualaikum. (I'll stay true to my oath of starting all my posts with that.)

Okay so yeah. New blog. 3:31 am and lots of Basidiomycota to do, but i'm sitting here, making my blog. New blog. On Well, i'm not going to go on explaining why i switched to this new bloggy, from my old space know..The Grey Matter. That, im still proud of. But. This is just more public. Its not the grey matter at all, its just random matter. Its 'Psych Rant'. You see, rant. Psych Rant. Like ranting. This that. Blah blah blah. Get the idea? Ok whatever.
Erm, i was supposedly on a 'writer's block' (yes, i do like to think of myself as a writer :p, im dillusional), since ages, but then i decided to break that block, and start writing my crap again. (Yes, i can break my writers block anytime i want). So here i am, writing stuff. I think i'll have alot to write about. Alot of stuff goes on around me. I see stuff. Then i write about it. And I try to be funny. Thats the best part. People actually laugh at my stuff. Well, but its obvious. I know, im awesome.
So yay, its 3:42. Im scared. Gotta do Basidiomycota, Deuteromycota and the general advantages and stuff about Fungi tomorrow morning. Damn. =\ . Kinda funny. Haha.

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Maaz. said...

i can see the birds at the top now!
im magnificent btw.