Monday, February 23, 2009

I hate giving titles. Ill have to do something about it.


STM (my maid) , is ruining my life. Firstly, she wants to kill me, i know, because of the coffee she makes for me. And second, she wants to kill me. I''m screaming since forever to call her to ask for breakfast but she won't come. Because she wants to kill me. I NEED BREAKFAST :@ . Its almost 1 pm! Grrr.
Well, whats new, is that S2 is back in Lahore. Im home with S1. I'm pretty lazy, im not studying, since friday. No, saturday. And today is Monday and my tuitions start again. I hate tuition. I despise it - and guess what. STM just said the stupidest thing now.
I'll tell you. (btw, she brought breakfast :p). That day, there was this Big, Mighty Eagle on the terrace. It was dark brown. STM and I went outside to take its picture. But it flew away. =\ . But i still took its picture. Ill upload it later. So STM just came and told me, that she was washing clothes outside and the Eagle was there and it flew past her. 'Woh urh bhi nahi sak raha tha, us ke par itnay baray thay'. =) . So, thats funny, i think. Laugh! =p
Btw, my birthday is tomorrow night. Im éxcited'. Should i be? Yes i know i should be. I have this whole theory about birthdays. Birthdays are very special. At times i think they're over rated but i know they're not. Birthdays are totally awesome. My birthday is coming. :p .
I just finished breakfast. I have to study chemistry now. Im talking to S1 about stuff too. And i just got a message on my cellphone. Damn, im so busy. :p
Ok gtg. Ta. =\

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