Friday, October 5, 2012

Thinking out loud.

Let's see.
I've made mom and dad breakfast. The cleaning lady is here. She'll do the dishes. And she'll clean s1's room. Mom's out of bed. Dad's still home. When he leaves, I'll go downstairs and be around mom and see how she's feeling. s1 will be home soon. I think. Yes. She should be home now actually. Why isn't she? I should text her. Just texted her. Have to go meet Md today. But since s1 is still not home, i don't think she'll be ready by 4. Oh she's here.
Okay so. She's pissed off. Had to wait seventy minutes for the driver. Haha. Anyway. She is so tired. I don't know if she'll be able to get ready by 4 at all. She said she's sleep deprived and what not. I will ask her about the plan in a while. Okay. She asked me to tell mom about the plan. But there's this thing though. Mom's not well.I don't think it's okay to leave her alone at the house while we go out. I just texted this to s1. Let's see what she has to say. I don't think we'll go today. Md will be mad. Because we've already cancelled the plan once. Things always keep coming up. Eh.
I should go donwstairs. Cuz Dad just left i think. I just sneezed. And that's worth mentioning why? I don't know.
So okay. Oh s1 replied. Let's see. Yes she agrees. So we'll go on Monday then. After I come back from the wedding. Ah, the wedding. I so don't want to go. But i have to go. I should go. B has been nice to us. And I should go to her wedding. It's going to be a drag but I'll just have to push through it. I have to pick out clothes for myself today. I know what I'm wearing on the Mehendi. Need to find clothes for the Baraat. I'm sure I'll find something.
Argh. Why did s1 leave her clothes on the sofa like that? I will pick them up.
I will take a shower. Have some coffee, and start studying. And i will watch Prometheus on the side. I'm sure it's not the kind of movie that would require my full attention.
Is there anything else on my mind? Let's see. Hmm.
I just think I study so much better at the hostel. But. Oh well. Gain some, lose some.
I am going downstairs now.

Oh. And I want this cake.


Thoth said...

Just FYI type. I started to log my dreams again. Thanks. It's interesting.

The Me. said...

Oh, how nice.
Share the bizarre ones maybe?

Thoth said...

Not really. They were kinda disturbing.

However in one of them, i am in WW2 and i got surrounded by enemy (hopefully Nazis) and i have stack of grenades and i throw one of grenades on the pile of grenades to blow everyone up. But they didn't go off and i was like hang on a minute dudes. This should work. It didn't. I was so disappointed. Le sigh.

The Me. said...

I once had a war dream too. Except this one had Ninjas. One of them killed my cousin. On the staircase.