Friday, September 28, 2012

Bullets 6.

(Dream page updated. From now on, everytime i update that page, i'll make a '*' next to my post title.)

* I have realized that I am not Bipolar. I am Multipolar.

* Even after studying absolutely nothing for a test, i have trouble
accepting failure. I always expect myself to pass, no matter what. And
when i don't, i feel surprised.

* Sting + cold coffee + junk food. I love my unhealthy diet. Ew.

* Anchor is still needed.

* I once ate chocolate mousse that tasted like balloons. I like how
balloons taste, and coins too.

* I need to be more..moral.

* I don't like being obligated to do things. I'm a free spirit. I like
doing things only because I want to do them, and not because i am
obligated to. Obligations make me rebellious.

* I have been imparting a lot of my wisdom lately. Haha. People seem
to always be in need of it.

* I wonder when the entire floaty, leaf in the wind feeling will stop.
Will it ever stop? I don't even know if i want it to stop. But maybe i
do. I don't know.

* I read 'and then there were none'. I enjoyed it.

* My exams ended. I don't know what to do with my freedom though. I
got back home last night. It's wintery here. And that makes me feel so
much better about everything.

* I've been going in and out of sleep since the last twelve hours. I
have dreamt so much, my brain's exhausted. I traveled to China and
Vegas and a hotel called 'Hollywood Adventure Hotel', and had coffee at
it's rooftop. Weird dream.

* Since s1's not home, and the parents are sleeping, oh- i even
dreamed about the woman sitting next to me on the bus yesterday.
Interesting.. Hmm. Anyway. So. Since the parents are sleeping, i think
i'll go get something from the fridge and watch a movie.

* I sometimes like the word 'Smithereens'.

* I went out with my friends for lunch. I sometimes forget how crazy they are. They surprise me with their craziness. I do sometimes feel kind of like an outsider. But then, i guess that's bound to happen when you've moved away from all your friends. Somethings never change, while other things do. Oh well.

Byebye. That is all.

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Angelika said...

Oh I always suffer with the don't know what to do with the after exam freedom anyways enjoy :)