Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rant 4.

What's up with everybody being asleep right now? Its only 2:18 a.m. I've got to stay up to finish this Godforsaken chapter on Reproduction, and it's going and on and on and on and .. you get the point.
Why is everybody asleep? All my stupid people are asleep. S1 is asleep. s2 has conveniently turned her phone off. N is asleep, or almost asleep. And well, who else is there? I don't know. There are other people, but i am not interested in talking to them right now. WHY DO PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT? I hate it. I really do. This whole sleeping thing. I mean. Yuck.
Problem is, I'm having kind of a panic attack right now. I can try and reason myself out of it. But oh i don't know. I don't feel like being too reasonable right now. I want to have a good laugh with someone. And eat good food. Which i can't. Because my khala made me a multi-layered paratha in the evening and my stomach is still not over that. So.
I don't know what to do.

I could ignore everything and watch Dr.who and comfort myself. But that would be very stupid. And very very bad for me in the long run. So i won't do it. But I WANT COMFORT. :(

OmG. I am whiny.

I also want to use colour pencils. Freshly sharpened colour pencils. I want to colour. Something.


Thoth said...

Your mind should be put in a strait jacket. Relax. Indulge. Things are grand, aren't they?

The Me. said...

Hmm. Strait jacket doesn't sound so bad considering what my mind came up with in the last dream i had. A cockroach chased me, and i climbed on the wall, and when i looked back, it was gone. I lost two pairs of shoes at a friend's place. And a friend of mine wrote a blogspot titled as 'Nuclear Inglop'.

And things are not grand. And they will continue to not be so, as long as people keep going to sleep at night while i stay up studying. -_-

Thoth said...

I chased, fought and killed snakes in a recent dream. According to Islamic interpretations, killing a snake means getting married. Apt, isn't it. Not that like ima misogynist.

Dafuq is Inglop? You are ungrateful. When i was growing up I lived on streets all my life, slept in my home though. Couldn't sleep in my unfamiliar surroundings. So yeah, go study.

The Me. said...

I don't know what it is. My brain has it's own vocabulary. Has already invented two diseases. And another word called Psychendale.

How does your living on streets (and sleeping at home etc) make me ungrateful?
I just don't like feeling like Will smith in I am legend at 3 am every night.

And I am studying. Okay.

Thoth said...

Well, i had such a tough adolescence time and turned out great, doesn't it inspire you? And you should be grateful that you didn't have such a rough teenage and have better chances of better life than me. Doctors are thugs basically. And if you google pyschendale you will find one Flemish entry on some Belgian blog. So i guess it's Flemish variant on psychendale and it's not a new word. I haven't seen I am legend. Nor i will. But i will read synopsis.

The Me. said...

But I am grateful. I think I'm happier with my life than 90% of the, um, entire human population. But one's allowed to whine sometimes no? ESPECIALLY WHEN PEOPLE SLEEP AND - Okay i don't want to repeat the willsmith reference again.

And I do not accept your Flemish theory. Reminds me of phlegm.

Doctors are thugs? Okaythankyou.

Thoth said...

Your blog name is psychrant. You do whine just a 'little' more than 'sometimes'. But that's what i like about it. Phlegm as a word has the worst spellings like everrrrr!! I mean Why the G?

Anyway be good. And wake whosoever is asleep up, and good night.

Ghadeer said...

I hate it when people sleep at conventional times.

I had the urge of holding coloured-pencils a while back, and went and brought myself one of those kid colouring books. True story!

The Me. said...

Ooo. Yay. I love colouring books, esp the ones with really thick outline.

Haha, actually I don't care about when people sleep, except when i need them to be awake and they're not.

Morpheus said...

a) You need to sleep.
b) Im gonna be using colour pencils tomorrow. Ophthalmology assignment.
c) We could.. skype?

Morpheus said...

Oh and I remember what you'd said about this post ^_^

The Me. said...


Haha, I'm shouty. Like s2.

Thoth said...

Oh and FYI, i have ocular hypertension. So focus well on ophthalmology. There is no cure for Ocular Hypertension. My doctor says it is because of smoking. I don't think so.

The Me. said...

If you google it, (you must have googled it), you will find out, that it's not curable because it's not really a disease. It's more like. It increases your risk for other stuff. Like glaucoma. Makes you a 'glaucoma suspect', according to google. Google it. Also, my sister's the one studying ophthalmology. So she'd know.
And smoking IS a factor. According to google.

The Me. said...

Blogger ate two of my comments. *frowns* . Anyway:

Thoth: Ehh, I do know nothing about Ophthalmology actually. Haha. My bad.

rayna: Ooh yes, heard about that one. Not really a mnemonic person though.
And no. No luck yet. z_z