Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bullets 4.

* I've become a little obsessed with reading blogs lately. I miiight be sort of living vicariously through all them blogs, but that also might not be the case. Maybe I just like reading what people have to write. I've also started reading 'Doctors' by Erich Segal. I'm hoping for it to motivate me to study harder.

* I have realized that my indifference to what goes on in other people's lives actually encourages a large number of them to confide in me all the more. The rest of them, think of me as cold and unfeeling. A little harsh don't you think? If you ask me, I say that just because I do not constantly prod people for juicy details about their lives out of respect for their privacy does not mean I do not give a shit (most of the times I actually don't) about them. But since there is such a thin line between the two, I can hardly blame them for judging me so.

* The other day, I went out for a drive with the parents and s1. I mentioned to mom my craving for Candy floss in the middle of a conversation. Today, mom got it for me. Bought it while she was out of town this afternoon, and brought it all the way back. Awww. :')

* By the way. My best friend of 8 years, N, I owe her my sanity. I love taking her for granted. She puts up with me. She takes me out for shopping. She buys me Top Pops. She makes me good coffee in the middle of the night. She does not mind it when she tells me a long story and i reply with 'Okay'. She cooks for me. She pisses me off. She downloads Disney movies for me, to 'complete my childhood'. She puts up with all my tantrums. She keeps reminding me that I am not awesome. (which i am btw). She cancels on other friends if i make a plan with her. And she is just. Always. There. Just thought I'd write that down for record's sake.

* I'm on a break. From studying. Even though I can't afford it. But to be able to study, I need to be in a good mood. I eat good food, I sleep, I talk to people, I watch a movie. All that, and then i sit down to study. Oh and coffee too. How did I forget about coffee? Weird. I'm having too much coffee these days. Not cool.

* Is it really really weird of me that I am actually looking forward to going back to the hostel? I mean. That doesn't mean I want to leave home. But since I know, and have accepted the fact that I have to go to the hostel, the notion of it does not seem so bad. I am looking forward to setting up a proper routine, managing my budget, going out to buy groceries and all that shit. I'm looking forward to that.

* Okay so I am in love with Rumi these days. What is up with that guy? I need to read more of his work. But check this out:

Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you are already that.”

I don't know. Something about this quote. Especially that last line. 'Look inside yourself, everything that you want, you are already that'. Love.

* Why do people tag me in weird pictures saying 'Goodluck for your exams' with an image of a cartoon on it holding a ton of books on its head, and then tag a bunch of other people too, that I share a class with (people with profile pictures of Hanna Montana and the likes) but do not want to add on my facebook, and will have to hide from once they add me saying 'm ur class fellow' and then confront me at college about why I 'have not allow me on Eff Bee?' Hmm? Tell me. Why? I'd un-tag myself but apparently, it's considered rude. Whatever.

* I do not like shopping for other people. Its like torture. I like giving them what I bought for them. That's the good part. But the shopping? No.

* I CANNOT wait for Winters. Too much to look forward to. Come soon pliss. Oh, which reminds me. I got to drench myself in rain twice in the past week. Once at Heavenly.

* It has been long since I last had a good conversation with someone. People talk shit these days.

* Need to watch a movie that blows me away. ALSO, weird, but I'm also kinda looking forward to meeting my roomies again. Weird. I surprise myself. Which reminds me. I had a sleepover at my friend's place. With 6 of my friends. It was amazing.

I think I am going to make noodles for my self now.


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I always untag myself from those lame group tag photos.

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Main tumhe maaroon gi.