Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arthur and Me.

Regarding a movie called Arthur:

(this happened on texts):

*Me: Have you seen that movie, Arthur?
*N : Nope.
*Me: Well, i've seen it. And i've realised that I'm kind of like Arthur and everyone else is Hobson.
*Me: Please watch that movie just to understand this reference.
*N: LOL sure, will do.
*Me: Thank you, and do it soon so we can laugh about it.
*N: Lol okay, will do.


maria said...

I was listening to covers of Boyce Avenue and I had just finished watching Arthur and I come to your blog and read the last 2 blogposts and it just felt so cool, just wanted to share that O.O

maria said...

I kind of feel like Arthur too!