Saturday, September 15, 2012

Titanium dreams.

Can't stop listening to Boyce Avenue's cover of this song.

I feel kind of happy and at peace today. It has been long.
The weather's better. My exam went alright. I had subway. Bought chocolates for a junior who did some work for me. Slept well. And now I'm up wasting time. I feel good.

*New dreams on the dream page!


Thoth said...

LOL OMG. Interesting dream about God and fake batman (except for the bit where your family got killed). That was scary.

Couple of days ago, i had a dream. Where i was making breakfast ( i am very big on breakfasts) and they kinda talked to me. Like dude buy a bigger pan or something. And also i had a dream about my brother's place. He moved to a new town and i don't even have his street address. And i dreamt he has a nice house, porch and a small lawn. Where in actual he is sharing an apartment. :(

The Me. said...

Hahah. Funny breakfast dream. Yesterday, i had like seven dreams. It was exhausting. And today, i had a really long dream. There was fire, and forests, and trenches, and a robbery, and my home, and someone died, and my parents and a clown and whatnot. But i can't link it all together. I've forgotten it. And it's pissing me off.

Thoth said...

This will probably beat your weird dreams.

"I go to my home in my hometown and i see a small bakra and one small dog leashed close by in one of the rooms. Dog was an English bull-terrier type which i've never had and bakra was small and it had no fore legs. Beneath knees it had no hoofs or whatever you call bakra calves. So i was like poor thing and i picked him up to take him around. And i swear quote faiz to me. He said khaiyat e jaan, raat e tan, sehat e damaan, and i go like sab bhool gayi maslehatin ahl e hawas ki. And then we sing a song together which i dont remember. And there was an earthquake and i saw the walls and ceiling shake like anything and i shout stop it and it stopped. Someone on the outside was pushing the wall. So yeah. "

I don't even. I know

The Me. said...

Hahaha. Okay. Definitely my kind of dream. Except. Baby bakra would have quoted something else. Maybe you should make a dream page too. I'd read it.
I had a nightmare this morning. Every member of my family got posessed by demons one by one. One minute they'd be normal, and the next, they would go all flaccid with a very evil mocking half grin on their faces. And i had to like, exorcise the demon, by beating it out of them. And so i did. I thrashed my parents and my sisters like ragdolls, until their face would go all 'sudden paralysis type'. Like. Eyes rolled upwards, and jaw pulled to one side. That was when the demon came out. And it kept happening all over again. And my family was full of bruises and i was exhausted. Oh. And at the end, someone told me of an easier way to exorcise it, which was, to press the person's inner eye and the side of the nose with your fingers and put force on it. And it worked. But then i woke up.

Thoth said...

You win. OH GOD THAT IS SO HORRIBLE. I can't stand to see anything happen to my family in my dream or in real life for that matter.

The Me. said...

Yes, agreed. Which is why i hated it and couldn't go back to sleep.
My nightmtares are as bizzare as my other dreams. Which is why they're extra creative, in an evil way.