Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bullets 5.

*I'm back at the hostel. And the hostel has a way of making me feel a weird kind of lonely. I miss my mom a lot today. It was her birthday yesterday. She's so cute. The cutest and craziest.

*Its 4 a.m and the roomies are asleep. I'm up. As usual. Every time i come back to the hostel after vacations, this room feels way too blue. The carpet, curtains, walls. Everything's blue. And every time i come back, i say the same thing 'shit this feels so weird. This room is so blue. Has it always been this blue? This room is too blue'. And my roomates just stare at me.

*I'm annoyed because i have a problem on my mind that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. And until i do that, i'm going to stay annoyed. I will figure it out in the morning. Something will have to be done about it. I think i'm going to go sleep in an hour.

*I've been feeling a certain, exploding kind of love for my parents lately. I don't know how else to describe it. It's just. Exploding.

*I am going to blog more regularly now that i'm back here. It helps to write stuff down. I always write all my thoughts down. Somewhere. Even if i erase them a minute later, i do write them. Gives me clarity. And God knows, i need clarity.

*Roomate's alarm just went off for Fajr. Her alarm is the Azaan. Interesting. I will wake her up again, in a while.

*I should get back to studying.


SaJ said...

They seem very harmless, these bullets.
Also, bullets riddle. Hehe.

Ally said...

Hey =)