Friday, June 3, 2011

Minitriphome. :D

Im home. Right now. In s1's room. In the A.c. I just woke up. About to have coffee. THEN, I have to study - unforunately. BUT. Im Home! It was a rather sudden plan. I had planned to go to college today and then start for home in the evening and reach at night, sort of. But. s2 and my cousin N intervened, and gave me this lecture about how i needed a break, and to take college less seriously. o.O They all think that i take it all way too seriously. I think it's because of the mahol around me. Im in the hostel, and EVERYBODY studies there, and there's not much else they do. So eventhough i make it a point to stay normal, I guess it sometimes rubs off on me, and I turn into this worrisome nerdy little thing who dies everytime she has a test. SO, i guess i welcomed this intervention. They kept me from going insane. Lol. And. I ended up skipping college today, and taking the 8:45 am bus home. =]

SERIOUSLY. Its way better than the first part. And I'm in love. Hayay. I need to watch it a couple of times more.

I like being reckless. This is my reckless phase. I like.

Okay okay i write more later okay?

Okay bye bye.


Maryam said...

Hi! I'm glad you get to take a break. Cause I can't =(
I'll live vicariously through you. And some of my other lucky friends. Keep posting so I can be happy with my non-life.

Roshni said...

I watched X-Men First Class. Ha! :P
Well done on taking a break, make the most of it while you can. Something about Pakistani milk, never makes the kind of coffee I like =[

The Me. said...

Maryam: aw man. Yeah. I almost couldn't but i realized that i NEEDED to take some time out for this. You should try too. =]

Roshni: Really? How do you make your coffee?