Sunday, June 12, 2011

the 'other' phase.

It rained last night. And that made me miss home. Here, in the hostel, i have two phases. One is when i'm all positive, and having a good time with my roomates (almost), and liking the whole 'living in the hostel' experience. At those times, i say to myself, 'hey, this ain't so bad afterall'. And then there's the other phase. The gray phase. When little things that people do around me annoy me more than they normally do. When i hate living in the hostel, and when i feel like a square peg in a round hole (thats the term for it, no?). Im in that 'other phase' right now.
It rained last night, and i just went to sleep. I should've been out there, with my headphones and my thoughts and the rain, but i wasn't. I just went to sleep. Not like me. So not like me. I just didn't feel like it.
Is it wrong that the nerdyness of my college has started to bother me alot lately? I mean. One of them sucks up to this teacher so much. It It really does. And then the whole study-anytime-you're-free routine. See. Today's the second sunday that im spending here in the hostel instead of going to my khala's. I have a substage tomorrow that is very scary. So well. It was sunday so i was like, yayiee, ill get to sleep in today. And at 8 a.m in the morning, R1 (roomate 1) woke me up. And goes like:

r1: 'wake uuuuup. Don't you have to study?'
me: *grumpy* uhmm..what time is it?
r1: its 8! We have a substage tomorroww!
me: 8? OmG. Noo.. Im sleeping. Its sunday, its too earlyy!

At 11ish:
r1 and r2: Wake uuuuup! Its ELEVEN!
Me: sooooooo?
r2: *myname*, its ELEVEN!!
r1: yeaah, wake up, its ELEVEN! How much dyu want to sleep?
me: so whaaaaat? Why are you guys up so earlyy?
r1: i woke at 7:30.
r2: and i, at 8.
me: you guys are nuts. Let me sleeeep. >.<

... :/ . So yeah. Thats what I am like. I mean its obviously not their fault cuz they're used to waking up early. Its just me.
And ee, i don't like people doing all the extra unimportant topics for the test, and then if asked about it, go like 'haha, see im nuts, im doing the extra stuff' . Err okay. You have an option of not doing it. Whatever.
Im just annoyed, i don't even know why. Usually, i'm all chill. This phase is annoying.
im looking forward to tomorrow, cuz i get to meet two of my old friends. From back home. So thats nice. Hopefully.
Okay bye. -.-


Richa said...

Oh, I had a roomie like that, two years back. Though she didn't go out of her way to make me feel guilty for not studying as much as she did, her studying all the time managed to do it! :/

Beyond Timid said...

I love rain. ♥
Man, I also hate kiss-ups. And the part that sucks is that the teacher never sees through them. I had to be such a buzz killer, but they always get their way in life.

The Ego said...

Definitely identify with the completely positive and then sudden negative phase. But now that I'm done with living alone at uni ... I miss it so, so, so very much. Awesome year on my own. LOVED IT. Enjoy yourself and try and keep the negativity down!

The Me. said...

Richa: exactly. Thats what happens. O.o

Timid: hahah. They can get their way in life, but we're still cooler B]

Ego: Yeah i guess every phase of life has its ups and downs. I try to take this as a new experience, so its easier that way. :d