Saturday, June 4, 2011

Minitriphome 2.

Akon sang a hindi song. And it sucks. Can't do anything about it.

My minitriphome is actually a very mini trip. I leave tomorrow. I have huge scary tests coming up after this, and my preperation is nothing. So Im scared. Home is amazing. I CAN'T wait for July. I really really can't. I mean. Why won't July come already? Have so many hectic days before it comes though. This test and that test.
My issue is, that i don't know what my priorities are. I don't know if i want to do really good at studies, or if i want to just have fun, and do enough at college to pass the course. I really don't know. I want both. Somehow. And then! I have everybody (which is actually my family) , telling me that I need to take more days off college, and find time for fun. But my friends at college, and my roommates are all SO pro-studies, that even if i take everything lightly, watching them do so much makes me all guilty. Its messed up -.- So. Yes. I need to figure thigns out. For the next month, though, I know what i want. I just want to pass my tests and head back home. That's it.

I haven't been posting any pictures on my blog lately. I need to do more of that. Hmm.

I hate ironing clothes. Its such a hassle. I need a limitless supply of jeans, and tops that I can wear to college daily and not worry about a thing. Okay?

Other than that. Well. Im in a whiny mood. But I hate whining, because nothing good really comes out of it. It just makes me more anonyed, because I keep talking about one thing over and over again, and it doesn't go away. So whats the point really?

Bluekh. Whatever. More later.

p.s. Watched inglorious basterds again today. Fun.


Meher said...

oh yes, the song is terrible. Also, go have fun, chuck the studies for a while. :P

Furree Katt said...

i hope July comes soon, for your sake :D

Beyond Timid said...

I hope you do well on your exams. :) Relax, just one more month and then YOU'RE FREE. I have to start school in August, so you're lucky you don't have to go back that early. It's burning hot in the States around that time.
What's the song called? I didn't hear it. :/
Haha, I hate ironing too! I don't iron jeans because you can't tell they're wrinkled. I wear the dark ones though, so I guess the creases don't show. Here's a tip: when the dryer stops, take them out immediately, smooth them out, and hang them in your closet. They'll look like you've ironed them and then you won't have to go through all that hassle.

Roshni said...

Do a post on hostel life por favor :P

secret.whispers said...

the akon song is HORRIFYING.
hostel life will get better. here's a fish to make you feel better: <3><