Saturday, May 21, 2011

its 12:35 a.m.

*A crow shat(past tense of shit,yes) on my freshly washed black trousers and jeans.
*And i stared into a cats weird deep black eyes for fifteen seconds. It creeped me out.
*My stage went weird. Mcqs were shitty. I just guessed most of them. I have a feeling that all my guesses were wrong.
*Viva tomorrow. Lots to study. I hope my viva isn't with Dr.M. She's evil and she makes me uncomfortable during the viva. She's unpleasant.
*Me and roomates ordered chicken cheese shawarmas for us today. Not that nice.
*I feel like i've been spending all my money on food lately.
*Going to N's place tomorrow for the weekend. Fun!
*Its so humid and hot these days. I'm slowly melting away.
*I don't how to tell people my honest opinion without sounding rude or offensive. I dont say anything then. I never wanna be rude to anyone. People just dont like to hear the truth. :/
*and i love you a little less than beforeeee*.
*s2 hid my Atlas shrugged. I miss it.
* Vastus lateralis is originated from the upper part of the intertrochanteric line, the anterior border of the greater trochanter, the lateral lip of gluteal tubersity, and the lateral lip of linea aspera.


the feeling lioness said...

well the blog title's kinda attractive
and you seem to be making buzzing sounds

Roshni said...

good luck for the viva jazz.

Ally said...

thats right! the food part haha i dont like spending a 5 dollar bill on a sandwich everyday for lunch =P

The Me. said...

lioness: Ooh do I? o.O

Roshni: Thaaanks. It went stupid though.

Ally: Hahah seriously. Not the $5 in my case though. More like a hundred rupees everyday. -.- Money hates me. It flies away.

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

A crow pooped on your clothes?


That sucks.

And I love your blog.

"I'm awesome. Only I'm allowed to hate me."


Beyond Timid said...

What's viva? o_O
Eh, birds. What can you do about them? They have natural inclinations just like us. :P

The Me. said...

Lemons: Oooo you do? Thaaanks :D

Timid: You don't know what Viva is? :o oooo. Its that oral exam. The teachers ask you questions and you answer them. Bas. =]
And as for birds. Im never inclined to shit on other people's clothes -.- .