Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Icy cherries yo.

Yellow, peoples.
I just had tea and a butter croissant. Im so full. I had a little Biryani before that. I should eat minimal. I feel so healthy whenever i eat minimal.
I also had cherries in the morning. You know how i like to eat my cherries? I like to keep them in the freezer for some. Then i take them out after a while and they have this thin layer of ice on em. And ooooo. Then i eat em. Heavenly. Yum yum.
I finished The Client this afternoon. Wasn't as exciting and fast paced as the other grisham novels. The eleven year old kid was way too smart to be real. :/ Bleh.
OMG. I cannot contain my love for Atlas Shrugged inside me. I going to finish it over the summers. Im going to take my time. But i recently watched a couple of scenes from its movie, and i cant wait to watch it. Ofcourse no movie could ever do justice to it, but maybe it would come close enough. Eeee. It fascinates me. The book.
Oo. My roomate's here. We have to study Physiology together. Huge test coming, as usual. Blah.
Sooo. I gotta jet. But man, i have more things to talk about. So. Okay. Ill brb. Ill continue this later. Stay put.
Okay back. I didn't really study. We just talked. I had some more cherries. Yumyum.
People like me. :)

BTW. I've been very sucky lately. I havent been reading blogs nor commenting. I'll be a nice little girly when i go home, and will read all you peepils blogs. Okayokayokay? Okay.


Roshni said...

I have my grapes like that. Yummy grape pops.

Tazeen said...


Fareed said...

Let me take you cherry :p

The Me. said...

Roshni: ooo. Ima try that. I like really cold green grapes wesay. Teeny ones.

Tazeen: :O hahaha. You think? :D

Fareed: whaat? :/

Sidrah said...

frozen strawberries n cherries. awesome! =D
Have fun with physio.

..and okay =p

Anonymous said...

:D Love cherries and love this little place of urs. I am going back to hostel after three days, it feels so gloomy :(