Thursday, June 9, 2011

Of survivor modes, and magnets.

I downloaded a new notepad like app for my cellphone on which i can write my blog and then post it online whenever i want. I like it. Yay. Its a fullscreen white page with a little black font. I like.
Anyway. So yes. I am on survivor mode. I turned it on yesterday. My survivor mode is awesome. Things just get easier during that. I make them easier for myself. I become more adaptable. Less lazier. Because i just think, that yknow, whatever, enough of the whining and complaining, i just need to get through this now. And then i actually, do, thankstoGod, get through whatever i need to get through. I have a huge number of tests coming up, with no time to prepare, coupled with a dire aching to go home for summer holidays. So i turned on my mode for this month. And i'm far.
I remember there was a time when i used to blog daily or with a day's gap. Good times. Now, i hardly get time. Oh my God, which reminds pc's busted. It had this stupid virus in it, which i left untreated, thinking it would go away or stay dormant till i wanted it to..only it didnt. It took over my pc and started throwing lame errors at me. And now it won't start -.- . So much for staying dormant. I have to figure out a way to get it fixed without having to move around much.
What else. I saw something today. And im officially grossed out by cats now. 'nuff said.
Imma have an energy drink at college tomorrow. I find it harder and harder to stay awake during lectures lately. My eyes, its like. I have magnets on my eye lid, and that place-where-the-eyelid-meets-when-you-close-your-eye. And so they're always attracted to each other, and no matter what i do, i cant keep them apart. I have to fight actual magnetic forces during class. Thats something right? And omG did i actually write this lame a paragraph? Sorry for wasting however many seconds of your life it took you to read this. Not the entire post, just this paragraph. About the magnets.okay? heeeh. :)
okay i should sleep now. Baaaye baaaaye.

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have a nice day :)
good luck with your tests :)