Saturday, April 30, 2011


I finally got internet for my room in the hostel. Its a blessing. But i can't really blog from there, cuz my roommates are always around, and no, i don't tell everyone about my blog. Bleh. So yeah. Anyway. Im at my khala's for a day.
I had coffee. My khala's chef makes teh craziest coffee. I don't know what he adds in it, but its super effective. Half a cup, and im all awake and crazy like. But thats good. Cuz i need all that energy. Another test coming up, as usual. Now its like, I don't even feel the pressure that much. Its a routine. I have a test every other day. Its constant. I've just learnt to cherish the precious day or two that i get in between, where i don't have a test the next day.

If i weren't doing medicine, I think i'd like to be/do alot of things. I'd like to study Human Behaviour. Alot. With surveys and all. Or be a researcher. In a Hi-fi research unit somewhere, doing hi-fi stuff. I'd also like to write a novel. But I could never do that. Words don't like me. Coherent phrases don't like me either. So gotta drop the idea of the book. Mehh.

Other than that. I also think, that having two sisters is SO awesome. I mean. I can whine whenever I want. And being the youngest has its own perks. If im not talking to one of them, I can talk to the other. If i hate my friends, I still have people to talk to. And we kinda have the same core inside, so we get each other. Which is awesome. I like this whole `sisters` thing. Just saying.

Also, i think that people wear way too much make up. I can't make myself do that. It feels fake. I don't know. I mean. It hides my face. Weddings are fine. But i think makeup should be subtle. Not like face paint. I don't know. Doesn't look real.

And i think wearing printed shalwars with plain shirts is not a good idea. I don't like it.

Okay thats all. Baaye baaye.


Shreya said...

I agree to 3 out of 4 of your 'think's.

You're at a hostel now? Aaaaaand still giving tests? LOL.

Roshni said...

You're doing medicine. How come I didnt know that before?
Get the coffee procedure off him since the recipe can't be much varied, its HOW he makes it o-0 ..I need to know. I must. Please? A personal chef. Man. Can. do. with. one. =[

KWP said...

hahaha who wears printed shalwar and plain shirt?! hm. having sisters is awesome. *agreed

Beyond Timid said...

I hate blogging in front of people too. Especially my family, who don't even know half of what I write about.
It's nice have sisters as long as you can share things with them.
People DO put on too much makeup. Especially all that crap on their eyes these days.
Hate, hate, hate printed shalwar kameez with a passion. Haha.