Sunday, April 3, 2011

E.T go home!

So. I'm finally settling in the lazy summery routine. At home. Its not hot here btw. Its still cold-ish, and we haven’t turned the fans on yet. So its all good. Anyway. I'm eating SO much here. Mom’s always bringing something awesome for us to eat, and then I can’t resist it and then I can’t stop whining about how fat I'm getting. Life's unfair. Why can’t I just eat all I want without getting fat? –.- Whatever.

I watched Harry Potter 7, and then Harry Potter 1 again, just for the sake of it, and it was fuuun. I'm going to watch Despicable Me and 127 hours, and all them new movies too, while I have the time.

My mom and dad are SO cute. I can’t tell you HOW much. I made coffee for dad after so long last night. And I went shopping with mom, for clothes. Mom’s so cute. She has Blood pressure issues, and she’s a doctor, and she still bought a packet of Salted Lays in the market, haha, which I snatched from her the second she picked em up. But lol, she’s funny. We watched 2012 together. Me and s1 had seen it before. Dad loves watching destructive stuff. Buildings falling, ground shaking, houses dying, the whole deal. So yeah, he enjoyed 2012. Cute.

I’ve decided to change my blog banner up there. I have an idea for it. Ill make one when I feel like it. That’s not going to be anytime soon but at least I have the idea. So. Maybe one day.

Aw man, home’s so sweet. I mean. Nothing special. Its just. Being back. To my life. I’ve missed this. And I think its unfair that I have to spend so much time apart from here. But then again, it was my choice. So. Gotta deal with it. I don’t regret going. Its just that its hard being away. Ofcourse it is. I knew it. So whatev. I'm good.

I'm LOVING Atlas Shrugged. Its refreshing. I love reading stuff that gives me a new perspective. I love it. I need to read a long War related novel next.

There’s this song. Called Astronomia. If I had to get high with a song in the background, this would be that song. Seriously.

And I also heard this song E.T by Katy Perry that’s stuck in my head.

I have to start studying for my post-spring-break-tests from tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. Bleh.

Okay more later. Byebye.


Maryam said...

You make me smile. I'm happy too, that you're happy that you're home. Haha, I know I'm really weird. But whatever. Hugs for you and your family because I can imagine how you feel =)

The Me. said...

Your comment made me smile :D .

Kali said...

This is such an adorable post...made me smile from the beginning to the end! :D

The Me. said...

Everybody's smiling. :D hahha yay!