Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zippy Racers.

. Its raining here today.
. I went outside on the balcony with my cup of tea and headphones. I sat for 2 minutes and then came back cuz the mosquitoes were thirsty.
. I wish I were home right now. s2 will be. Soon. I couldn't leave my classes here. So i stayed. Sad.
. I eat ice creams ALL the time these days. Seriously.
. Water melons are SUCH ay blessing in summers. Watery and cold and refreshing. Gottay love!
. My new friends here, think I'm a very indifferent person. They said that they think that I don't really give a shit about anything. I was very amused by this.
. I think Tangled is such a great movie :D . Very well balanced. Disneyness and new funnyness. I like.
. Ive been reading an article on Body Language. It is sooo interesting.
. Im awesome.
Thats about it.

Imma watch Grey's tonight. :D

I ate these chips called Zippy racers last night. Such a shitty name no? There was nothing Zippy Racer-y about it. Except that there was a toy car inside it. Pff.


H.T said...

Grey's always gets me so emo .
O body language I'd like to read it too sounds interesting.
you are awesome :)

Beyond Timid said...

Lol about the mosquitos.
I guess everyone's calling you indifferent because you expose yourself to be that way. I've had several different blogs, and everyone has had different opinions of me in the past.

SaJ said...

There's just something about a girl with golden hair using a frying pan for defense.
Or Crazy Zippers? Racey Zippers. :)

Furree Katt said...

i haven't seen Tangled yet! :(
Body Language reminded me of a song by Jesse McCartney.

it was called...

Body Language.