Sunday, April 10, 2011


*my cellphone rings*
Its Dad.

ME: jee?
DAD: haan.. Kia kar re ho?
ME: *laughs*. Kyun, coffee chaiye? =p
DAD: *laughs* naiii..
ME: *laughs*. Phir?
DAD: kia kar re ho?
ME: kuch nai. Bethi wi hoon. Popcorns kha ri thi.
DAD: s1 kidhar hai?
ME: idhar hi.
DAD: kia kar ri hai?
ME: aiwyeen. Hum aur mama baatain kar re thay.
DAD: achaa. Woo.. tv pe terminator 3 lagi wi hai..
ME: ooo-
DAD: dekhi wi hai?
ME: naii. Mainay one bhi nai dekhi wi. =p
DAD: achaa.. to.. Lagi wi hai.. Idhar aa jao kuch dair. Dekh letay hain..
ME: oo. acha haha aati hoon. Aa ri hoon. Bye.

Me to mom and s1:
Awww! Babas so cute. He said terminator 3 lagi wi hai, he wants us to spend time with him. Lets go sit in that room ^.^ .

These little moments mean the world to me.


Eirene said...

haha cuteness! <3

KWP said...

oh haan kal terminator 3 lagi hui thi shaam ko :pp lawl cuteness at it's peak :)

AcetylCholine said...

This made me smile.
You're lucky your dad invites you to watch Terminator. Such coolness.

Anonymous said...

You are an awesome blogger :D