Monday, April 4, 2011

I like saying ‘Hank’.

When I'm at home, I don’t feel different. I feel the same. I feel normal. The way I used to feel back when I used to be at home. The thoughts of going back are annoying. Black pastel lines in my bright multicolored thoughts.

s2 went back today. She couldn’t stay any longer cuz she can’t miss her clinics back there.

Today was a good day. I woke up around 12. Had last nights leftover Chicken spaghetti, with Grey’s Anatomy. Then zombied around while s2 packed stuff for going back. Watched more tv. Had a nice lunch around 5. Took a shower. Watched a bit of V for Vendetta again, with s2, which Chicken Cheese Balls, and popcorns. [Brb. Mom calling].

Back. She had called for food. Lol. Oh damn, I just remembered, I had to make coffee for dad. Ill make it after im done with this post. Anyway. Me and s1 are going shopping tomorrow. Then I’ll go to the dentist. Etc etc.

I’ve realized that I like pomegranate flavored stuff. =o .

Ever wonder why there aren’t really many people that you can talk, like, actually Talk to? For some reason, People don’t get half the shit I’d like them to get. =\ Its frustrating. Makes me not take them seriously.

Whatever. 17032011362






Check this out. This is ay random claw that I found on the ground, in my college. Haha. Weird no? Eeek.

Imma do a picture post soon inshAllah. I have my camera while im here. So yay to that Open-mouthed smile Ew. Where did this smiley come from? =\ Ugly live messenger smileys taking over my blog Surprised smile . EW. This is new =\ .

Okay bye.

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