Thursday, April 21, 2011

A cat pee'd on my slippers.

Hasnt it been the longest time? Yes it has.
I have a test every other day. Its not even funny. Well, it is a little funny. I dont have time for anything. Literally. Any free time i get, i use it to catch up on my sleep or watch a movie. Thats all i do.
I watched Letters to juliet the other day. Everythings so typical these days. *danceee the night away, live your life hshagfufof*. Whatever. Laaaa lalalalalalalalaaaaaaaa.
I have so much to whine about, but somehow i dont want to spill it out here. I like my cute positive nicey blog. No black whiny-ness here. Not too much anyway. Some, i can do with. But no seriously, im such a whiner. Im a whine box. Push the button and i'll go on and on, unless you shut me up. Well no, i shut myself up. Soon. But whatev.
Im dying to eat cinnabon, and to buy an awesome new pair of jeans. I just cant seem to do any of those things. Something always happens. Its a curse.
The Hangover always makes me laugh.
Im skeptical of everything and everyone. How can one not be? I dont know. People are so weird. Im in that phase right now where i get really irritated by how people generally behave. They just follow each other all the time. Wierd herd mentality. And i HATE people who ask me for favors all the time. I love to help out everyone, i actually do. But when they just get all frank and keep asking for shit allll the time, that just puts me off. Majorly. I dont ask people for favors much. I dont like to. Ugh. I dont know.
I just had a kulfi.
okay bye. :>

p.s. The title of the post? Totally happened.


Sidrah said...

ewwwww >_<
poor you

kulfi? I like =o I want!

am so used to having tests now =/ it not even funny =[

Eirene said...

say no, watch funny movie and kick the cat.
oh and share your kulfi with me :D <3

Furree Katt said...

my cat peed on my new chart paper! i feelz your pain.