Monday, January 31, 2011

Damn shit choice.

A new post was so badly needed. I needed it.
Okay first, Im in my hostel's netcafe, and youtube ain't working, and the only English songs i got here are from Backstreet boys and Ricky Martin. Thankyouverymuch. Oh, and I am listening to them. Sad much? =)

That's the folder with the english songs. =]

Anyway. I'm free today. Had my stupid sub-stage today. Bluekh, lets not talk about that. I panicked last night, and then I realized how badly I need to get rid of this icky newly developed habit of going crazy before I have a big exam or a test. So yes, I'm working on it.
Life's crazy these days. College, and hostel, and then my cousin Nd's wedding. The pre-wedding partayness is so awesome, and I hate it when I have to miss out on stuff because of my stupid college. =[ . Sigh. But still. I do get to partayy. <:o]
You know what made me realize how crazy my life is atm? The fact that I didn't notice how near February was. I mean. February starts tomorrow. [LOL, BARBIE GIRL JUST PLAYED ON THE MEDIA PLAYER PLAYLIST. Come one barbiee, lets go partayyy]. And February is THE month. My birth month. With my Birthday in it. And I've been ignoring it. =\ . Imma turn 19 soon. I like 18 though. Its so neutral-ish. 19 seems old. I don't feel old or anything. I feel very very leetal. Weetle weetle girly. :>
Okay whatev.
I'm on a Do-good streak. I feel like helping out everyone and be nice to them. For no big reason. Just like that. Nice? I think yes.
I sat and ate a sandwich on the stairs outside. In the cold. With songs. A cat sat in front of me and made a stupid cute face, just so I'd give my sandwich to her. Pff. I ignored her. Gobbled up the sandwich, and then came here.
I don't think about my home at all. Or I'd die. =] And I can't allow that to happen can I?
I really really miss my blog. I don't get the time or the place for it. Grr. But I do try to update. And I've started a journal on my pc, that's in my room. I write in it daily. But its all in Notepad files, cuz I don't have internet there yet. Once I shift to my final room, I'll get a net connection and life will be better.
I Love this song called 'The End' by Kings of Leon. I really like it.
I feel like going on and on right now. But I gotta go to my room, and do some stuff. I'll sleep early today.

P.s. A THANKYOU from my side goes out to all the awesome people who didn't forget my blog just because I was a wittle busy. *hands out free lollypops*
My blog is so comfortable. <3


MagicalMe said...

Glaad to see a post after sucha long while :)
And ikr the preshaadi partying is too awesomee for wordss :D
The final room sounds nicce hope you shift to it soon and we get to see your posts regularly :D

Roshni said...

Kings of Leon.
Also Maroon 5.
How come people (especialy in pakistan!) still listen to BSB like they just emerged? This has always intrigued me 'cuz I've seen a bunch of bloggers/posters from Pakistan talking/mentioning BSB's a new deal or something =|

Remya said...

You'rrrre bahhhck! =D
I laughedat the "weetle weetle girlie" part.
Now imma use it for being cool.
I know 19's old.
You're old. Congrats though.
PS. Random's theee besht =D

Sara said...

if 19's old what's 23? =/ i'm worried now.
you're very leetal weetul and sound very cute wute. best of luck with med school...[i still dont know your name but neva mind =)] my best friend just graduated from med school and from what i know, you're going to have a great time!

Maryam said...

THANK YOU for the update, I probably needed it more than you did. Ha. When I was away from a blog, I turned on that secret code thingy where you make an id and just MMS a new blog post whenever you feel like it. Blogging Mobile. Mobile Blogging? Anyway, I know its not the same thing but its small comfort. I felt the same when I was 18 going on 19. And lookamee now I'm 22 =(

P.S. You sound lonely. *hug*

Tazeen said...

"I don't think about my home at all. Or I'd die. =] And I can't allow that to happen can I?"

You certainly can't allow that. Toughening up is a real task. Heck. Everything seems like a task to me nowadays but if I told you my heart went out to you, it wouldn't be clich├ęd at all.

The Me. said...

All of you are awesome peepils :D

Magicalyou: Yeaah hopefully the new room's going to be nicee. With the internet and all :D

Roshni: Hahahha ,yep, that happens. =p

Remya: Im old =[ . Unwaiiin. Thanks though :D Yes i'm BACK!

Sara: Hahah. Loved your comment. Thankee =D . I hope i have a good time. Its quit hectic though =\ .

Maryam: AWWW man. Yeah it does get lonely here. But Im doing faaaiine. THANKYOU. Seriously. =>

Tazeen: Thaaanks, you! =}
Missing home is such a sucky thing believeyoume. -.-

Ally said...

Oh my God! Such a larvely post!! *hugs the post and also takes some of the left over free lollipops*
You just gave me the strength to start blogging again!! :P