Monday, January 17, 2011

200th post. Belated.

I feel dreadful dear bloggieepoo. For neglecting you like this. I promised myself that I'd never turn into one of those people who ignore their blogs once their life gets busy. But I diiiiiiiiiiid. Sob.
Okay whatev. I'm here now. And i just realized that my last post was my 200th post! =| Can you believe thaaat? And there were no celebrations and no pats on my back. -.- Sad. So I shall celebrate now. How shall I celebrate?
In my 100th post, i wrote stuff about myself. Random tids and bits. I shall do it again. Feel honored, You!


* I can't ever keep my nails long. I'm not totally opposed to the idea of decently long nails. So I've tried growing them at times. But I always chip em off somehow. iFail. Everytime. So my nails are ALWAYS short.

* I like lollypops. They're Fun. Raspberry and apple flavors are my favorite.

* I have trouble believing things people have to say about things. Cuz people lie so often. Funny little people.

* David Guetta reminds me of Ryan Gosling. Can't help it.

* I keep my money in a yellow and black wittle thing these days. It's a ladybird. But it ain't red and black. So I don't know. But its cute.

* I Google everything. Words, phrases, sentences, entire paragraphs. Everything.

* I don't like sadness. And depression. I'm NOT going to be one of those people who get cozy in their black sadness and don't come out of it. I'm determined.

* I hate self pity. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

* I have a thing for buying toothbrushes. I like new toothbrushes. :D

* I'm almost certain that everybody, EVERYBODY i know has called me 'crazy', or 'pagal' once.

* I'm shy. Haha. Yes I am =p .

* Comments on my blog ACTUALLY make my day.

* Nostalgia scares me.

* I really really like James Blunt these days. He sounds so genuine. All I need now is rain.

* I ALWAYS have to eat something sweet after I eat something spicy. Always.

* I prefer water over cold drinks with food. Water trumps everything.


* I cry at the end of movies. I like movies that not many people like. Pff. Whatev. They're not boring.

* I'm a Piscean. And a true one i think. Really. I don't believe in Horoscopes though. But these Zodiac traits do make a lot of sense at times.

Is that enough for today? I think it is.
*Sigh*. I need to read sooo many blogs and comment on them. I don't have time. Grr.
Today I wrote in my blog. Maybe tomorrow, I'll do the reading and commenting part. Yeah I will.

P.s. THANKYOU Maryam for the blog award. I be do the award thing properly in the next post. :D <3


Asad said...

200th post mubarak ho!
I haven't even made it to 50. :(

Moonie said...

maybe the pouch is a bumble-bee lady bug.

Roshni said...

I bought a toothbrush today. Actually I buy one every three weeks, its kinda like an OCD =|..and my o my, you gotta try Fruitiser with food, it kicks water's ass. -nod- yup yup.
Also, hope you're settling in well by now and enjoying it :P

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS :D I can't really imagine how it feels to own a blog this old. 200 posts oh my! Hope you're acclimatized to hostel now. Just hoping =P

AbeerJ said...

here's for ACTUALLY making ur day :P
i ve seen yellow and black ladybugs! they're soo cute :D
totally agree on the zodiac and movie thing!
also i ve been called 'weird' by everyone.. -_-
Congrats on ur 20 posts! ur blog is one of my top 5 favs! :)

The Me. said...

Asad: Hahha thankyou. Thats okay, your posts are solid with good solid material. Mine are easy. I could write two everyday. =p

Moonie: Maybe it is. =o

Roshni: Noooo. Water be the best. =[ So tasteless and fresh. :D
And aaah. Im kinda settling in. College is almost good. Hostel, not so much. =p

xehra: THANKYOU :D I'm acclimatized to an extent I think. I got some issues here which i'm thinking about these days. Its all a bit chaotic for now. =o . But. Its not THAT bad =p. So yay? I guess. Thanks for hoping though. =>

Abeer J: OMG. SEE. THAT DID MAKE MY DAY :D . Yayiee. Aww :D Yay.
And ooh. Yellow and black ladybug. Then I guess thats what it is =p.

Ali Kazmi said...

I wasn't going to comment, but then I saw how grateful you'll be if I do.
And I have short fingernails too, btw!

H.T said...

I ALWAYS have to eat something sweet after I eat something spicy. Always

I'm a Piscean
And I love your blog .
Congrats *taps on your back *

Sidrah said...

So here I am making your day.. =o

I know the guilt! The guilt of ignoring the blog. I have done this twice =/

David Guetta and Ryan Gosling?? I think Ryan is better? (maybe I think so cos of The Notebook) Don't like david Guetta =$

Cannot keep my nails long =/

Love the post =]

Lollypops rock!

The Me. said...

Ali Kazmi: Hahah. I'm so grateful.

H.t: :D Thankyou thankyou. I don't get it when people don't feel the need to eat something sweet after their meal o.O

Sidrah: Thankyouuu. AND. Ryan Gosling is totally better =o ! Guetta just reminds me of him for no reason =p .

Lollypops do rock. *nods*

Anonymous said...

Knock knock?

Did this one make your day too?