Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 etc.

Hello peepils.

I don’t really like writing in paragraphs, cuz I get carried away and then nothing makes sense. So even when i write in paragraphs, I’m actually kinda writing in points. Have you noticed?

Ahan. So. 2011 is here! *does a happy little yay dance*

I didn’t make any resolutions, because i mean, I don’t follow them anyway. Sooo. Okay. I hope this next year is great. There are going to be alot of changes, and alot of newness. I hope they’re for the better. I really do. I hope my life’s awesome this year. =D

Ooo. And last night, after midnight, I had this joint phone convo with S2 and her friend M, and her friend M, and s2’s other friend N. =o Hahha. It was fuuuun. And then M and M went. So me and s2 and N talked. Then N went too. So it was just me and s2. And s2 ditched me at 5 am. So. That was that. Hahah. But it was fun.

Eeeeeeee. s1 just asked me to make coffee again. My right hand will fall off from all the coffee beating. And no, I won’t make coffee in the coffee maker. I don’t like it. Not yet.

Now, for the AWARD! *does another yay dance*


YAYYYY. Maryam from Here I Am passed this one to me cuz she be think my blog be FUN :D . Thankyou you!

Soo. You’re supposed to write 7 random facts about yourself under this. BUUUT. I think the post will stretch more than i want to, if i do that. SO, instead, ima write those facts later. In my 200th post. Okay? For now. Ima pass this to 7 more bloggers.

Ally- Because i love her blog, i do!

Roshni – Because I find something interesting to read everytime i visist her blog. And because she leaves me nice comments :D

Battery Acid – Because I love the music she has on her blog, and because she’s IMAGINATIVE :D .

Quill Emissions – Because I love reading all its posts. Because they’re SO well written!

A myth in creation- Because it makes me think.

uzme – Because the blog’s fuuuuuuny.

Sidrah Moiz Khan – Because she thinks I'm awesome.

*Phew*. Ima eat some noodles now.



maria said...

Phew, took me days but yes i'm through with reading ALL your posts. Yay me :D beeen anonymous for too long I guess :/ Well three cheers to you for one heckof a blog :D Happy 2011.

Maryam said...

You're welcome! =D

Asad said...

Holy crap, I won an award! :D

This is so awesome.

Roshni said...

Haha that's sweet.. thankyou thankyou -takes a bow-..
BTW I notice the writing in points thing ^___________^..

Tazeen said...

*Laughs* The awards were cute. And hey. I like hand-beaten coffee too.

Joint conversations are terrific. Terrific. I've been saying that word all day. :D

MagicalMe said...

The paragraph thing is so true. I also usually write in points but the points become so lengthy that they're easily mistaken for paragraphs. :o
My new year resolution is tryna recall what last year's resolution was. I hate em resolutions. Never fulfilled any.

The queen of nowhere. said...

Hahaha :p. Thanks for the mention :p.