Monday, January 10, 2011

Hostel. Day 1.

Today is my first day in this hostel. I like my room. But my room's nice. And I have a single room even though i'm in First Year. So i think the ladies on my floor hate me. But i don't know. Im trying to be sweet to everyone. People should like me. Thankyou.
Lol. Im online from my hostel's 'Cyber Cafe'. Haha. Funny. But its nice. I mean. Whatev.Lol.
I don't know many girls here. I have some friends, who're boring. I hope i meet new people. Please. Okay? Yes.
I have a major test coming up. So soon. I know.
I'll start studying tonight.
Oooh. Okay. A girl is trying to sit on the chair next to me. So ima go now.

Oh and its so cold here. My hands are always numb. And there's plenty of space for walking. I just need new earphones now. Quick.


Roshni said...

tests already?!, good luck with the adjusting and the testing dude, you can totally do it. and steer clear of the dodgy girls, bohat bad influence hota hai na..not good.
=P..also..get gloves! Do I sound liek your mum? jeeeezzz...going to shut up now.

~RainDrops. said...

all the best! I hope you meet new awesome people :) goodluck

Tazeen said...

Sounds real nice. All the best! :)

Moonie said...

Yay. it must be awesome.

my cats ate my headphones.

Maryam said...

You got awarded on my blog! Check <3

The Me. said...

Roshni: Hahha. I did get gloves. =D And yeaaaah tests and what not already =[ . They're keeping us busy >.< . Thaaaanks. I need the luck!

Raindrops: Thaaaanks. I hope so too. :p

Tazeen: Hahha. Sounds better than it actually is. =p

Moonie: =O She did? Hahahah. Did she poop em out? xD

Maryam: I DIDDDDDDDDD! :D :D You make me happy! =p