Thursday, January 6, 2011

moving away.

Ive been busy. My life's changing. Ive moved to lahore. Soon ill move to my hostel. My college aint bad. I think i'll adjust in due time. Its very pro-studies. Intense study. Things are crazy these days. Im busy. And im trying to mange everything at the same time. But its hard. The thought of being away from my family and my cute little home is killing. It makes me cry and i HATE it. I don't know how to handle that. I hate feeling this emotional.
Ill update more later. Ima sleep now. College tomorrow.


Roshni said...

Have faith in yourself dude..This change is gonna' be good! =P ..You'll get used to the surroundings and the newness soon and you'll love it... Lahore's the best after all.

Ubaid said...

Lahore is epic awesomeness dude seriously :)

per haan aaj kal yahan thand ziyada hai

hope you manage :)

p.s. what are you studying waisey?

Maryam said...


I'll adopt you. Happy times.

Richa said...

Uuh. It was the same when I was about to leave for college.
It got better. You'll meet some nice and some notsonice people, but they'll all fit in somehow.

The glorious part is, it's fun to be pampered when you're home in the hols. ;)

Good luck, bohot sara! :)

MagicalMe said...

Best of luck for that :) Change is hard at first, yes. but once you fit in and get used to it all, you'll start loving Lahore/ college/ everything. :D
Best of luckk

Anonymous said...

Take hostel life as an adventure, you'll end up rofling over everything. Memories would haunt you forever. Go rock your place :D

sulphurdreamz said...

All the best for the new phase of your life. I know its tough being away from home but a after sometime you will get used to it and love your hostel life.
Take care!

Tazeen said...

Lahore! <3

I hope you're doing okay and that you're not missing home so much now (though that is kinda hard).


The Me. said...

I be doing Mbbs.