Friday, April 30, 2010

Google is evil.

I had my second exam today. I didn’t sleep all night yesterday even though i tried to. But i couldn’t. So i started panicking, I just kept lying on the bed having weird thoughts about how terrible and unfresh i was going to feel during the exam. And how my stupid brain was going to be in Sleep Mode at the time.

So, to make myself feel better, i picked up my cellphone, went online, and asked google for some help. And this is kinda what i found:








Click to enlarge.

Not exactly, what i was looking for at 6 a.m in the morning –.-

Pff, but what the heck. The paper went fine. I slept lots and lots when i got home. I’m not studying anything today. My next paper is on Tuesday! Three days i have. So its okay, i guess.

My back and arms hurt though. Its just the exhaustion i know. I’ll sleep it off.  I’ll watch a movie tonight. Yayyy! I was starting to miss all the movie watching.

I want to read THICK awesome yellow paged novels! Totally =[ . 

Okay Boiboi.

Do comment little people. I need all the awesomeness i can get during these exams ^,^ ! Heeeh.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea Party!

Summers are just weird. They make me nostalgic for some reason. I don’t know. =\ .

After my exams end, I'm going to experiment with my blogs template.

What a shame, what a shame
To judge a life that you can't change
The choir sings, the church bells ring
So won't you give this man his wings?
What a shame, to have to beg you to
see we're not all the same, what a shame!

I wish i could write songs like that.

There’s a candle on the table next to me. It smells awesome. I often just pick it up and smell it and then put it back in its place.

Oh i love the black ball point I'm using nowadays. It makes me want to write.

Every minute, 8 babies are born in Pakistan, according to the 04-05 survey. Which means, every 15 seconds, 2 babies. Which means a baby is born every 7.5 seconds. By the time i finish this post, a hundred babies would've been born.

Happy birthday to all you new babies :D !

I’m hungry! I love my red tee.

I should get back to studying now. More later.

Bye bye nice people. =p


Decoration & int design

p.s. I want a drawing room like this.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Waking up.


Its 2.38 p.m and i just woke up. I’m SO sleepy. I would give anything right now, just to go back to sleep again. =[ But i need to get up and get fresh and start studying. So I'm out of bed and in front of my pc. I thought I’d blog my sleep away.

So yeah. You know, I’m so glad. Aprils almost ending and the weather has turned so pleasant. =] Yayness.

I watch movies at night while I'm trying to study. Last night I started to watch the 2007 remake of ‘A Room With A View’. It was fun, but i only saw half of it. I’m gonna finish it today.

S1 is getting a new cell phone! And its none other than Nokia e72! =O I loove that phone. I can’t wait for s1 to get bored of it so that I can use the awesomeness instead :D .

I love cell phones. If it were up to me, I'd get a new one every month.


So that night, i was just sitting in my room, doing nothing special when a stupid lizard on the floor caught my eye. So i started staring at it. And i soon discovered that the stupid thing wasn’t working properly. =p . There was something wrong with the suction pad thingies on her feet and she couldn’t climb on the wall anymore. LOL. It was so funny. So i video-ed it. =\

And I'm uploading it here for you all. Its only 8 seconds out of the 5 minute video.

I call it. Lizard jump Fail :D

Oh. Before that, remember. Keep your eyes on the head of the dirty doll. Because that’s where the lizard is sitting!

Lol. Okay so the video ain’t that interesting. =\ But whatever. =s


Im awake now. Thankyou dear weird blog. =]

P.s. You know the smell of rain that we all love? Google just told me that it has a special name. Its called. PETRICHOR. So yay. Enjoy.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exams and nothingness.

I don't feel like blogging. I don't know what to talk about. =\ All i want to talk about is how much i'm dreading my upcoming exams. And i don't want to talk about it on my blog. Cuz its boring.

I will write in more when i find something to write about. =p
Till then. Ta! =\

p.s. For those who are bored, google ‘Honey Badger’. He’s such an interesting animal. =D And click on the ‘badassoftheweek’ link if you find it there.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Balloons of thought.

I don't like it when people are sad . I wish i could open up people's brains and put nice things inside. =]
Optimism, my friend, is the need of the day. Samurai_Jack__deep_in_thought

I get upset and sad and weird and annoyed too. But i find ways to get over it. I wish other people would do too. And not be sad. =\

And everybody has good and bad qualities. No one is a bad person i think. I mean yeah. But. Urgh. I just think that. We should at least try to be good y'know. And to genuinely like other people too. And to look past their negative points. [But don't be dumb, and go about trusting every other person just because you think they're nice -.-]. All I'm saying is. That. Just. Be nice. Try!

Okay yeah a bit confusing i be getting now. But whatev. Okay?


I'm clumsy. Grrr.

I bought a new toothbrush. Its so soft, i love it. Aaand. My cellphone is back. Its working fine now. I hope it doesn’t misbehave again.

I have to stuudy!  Bye.

p.s. I CANNOT. Just CAN NOT take it when people take pictures with their hands like " \m/ " this. I mean. Wth? What are you trying to show? No seriously. It does NOT make you look cool. I swear it does not. Please stop. Get over it now. Please?

P.s.2 : I just found out on Google that Horses can't vomit. =]


Im scared now. My first exam is on the 28th. I haven’t prepared well. I don’t study =’[ . Oh God. Help!

Ill write in more later.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mr.Hubble ate my rainbow.

I’m annoyed. Because of a number of reasons. Which i won’t mention here because that would just make me more angry and annoyed. So, instead, I'm going to post some nice pictures for you all. This is a picture post. Or  whateveryouwannacallit.

My pretty dirty rainy terrace.

Rainbow =] It was really bright actually, but the pic came out so light =\


Two rainbows! The second one is the really dim one above the main rainbow.

Ok you know what the tragedy is? I just found out that i don’t have any more random pics to put up this time. None. Aaaaaargh.

So I'll just have to talk about stuff. Last night i was about to go to sleep. It was And suddenly the lights went out. So i went out to the terrace. It was pleasant. Mosquitoes wanted to kill me but other than that, it was nice. Which reminds me of that time last summers. When s2 was here, and the lights were out all night. And we were sitting on the terrace floor, and i was reading Wuthering Heights on s2’s iPod. And we made a video of a nutcase insect that kept spinning around like crazy. o.O Maybe i still have that video :D Lemme check.

Its not there. =[ I lost it. Okay. But i found this:

Mr.Hubbles is having cold coffee. Aww.

I have quickly decided that i need a haricut. I want shorter hair. Fun. And i am aware that this post sucks. =[ But whatever.  Just see the rainbows and be happy. Im going to start studying now. AND! I’m going to do the Bag Tag thingy soon. The one that i found here. :D

p.s. I’m blinder now. My eyesight has gone weaker. Its –2.5 in the left eye and -2.25 in the right one. =[ Pliss noh! =[

Fun. Okay Bye then.

Sunday, April 11, 2010



I am SO pissed off right now. ARGH.

Why did my cellphone do this to me? WHY WHY WHY? >.<

And i am SAD! And i shall kill everyone! >.<

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I are back home.

Im back home and the journey was quite tiring. I had little sleep last night. Im tired and i miss lahore already. It was so refreshing. Im back to the deadness. =] . I want to eat a mango =o . Ohh. Yum.
Anyway. My pretty cellphone. The red and black awesome thing. Went nuts that day. And now its getting fixed in lahore, and im practically cellphone-less for now. Im using my ancient 6131 that restarts itself again and again. Its so annoying. But i love its keypad and i love it. So whatev.
I watched Alice in wonderland that day. And it was fun to watch. It wasn't all thaaaat, but still, fun to watch. Personally i think, the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) saved the movie. She was funnnayy! I loved her.
You know what? I HATE the women who call on cooking shows. Aren't they totally unbearable? They are, aren't they? OmG they just ARE. Ajeeb.

'main aapka show roz dekhti hoon. aap aaj bohut pyaari lag rahi hain'

'meray bachon ko zara hi kar dain. zara haath wave kar dain'

'ye lain, meri do saal ki beti se baat karain. aapki bohut bari fan hai. ghar main khana banati hai aapkay show se seekh ke'


I think sometimes nowadays, that i have turned into a boring nice person. S2 says im abnormal =] . Pff. No.
OMG check this out. Amazing stuff.


Okay don’t laugh =\ . This is a real fish. I found it on Listverse. Its called a Blobfish. Read on if you want :

Found in the oceans surrounding Australia and Tasmania, the blobfish leads a rather passive life, feeding on whatever piece of detritus floats within its reach. It lacks the muscular power of other fish and practically doesn’t spend any energy while swimming thanks to its body being less dense than water. Rarely seen alive, the blobfish is occasionally captured as by-catch by fisherman’s nets.”

Weird stuff no? Please be amazed. =] Cuz i am. Okay Enough for today.