Thursday, November 4, 2010


Why is it that whenever something big happens, I don't feel like blogging about it? I mean. I do feel like blogging about it, but I don't. Because most of the time, I just don't know where to begin.
So. I'll sum it all up. Writing in points is always easy.

*I'm moving to Lahore. For College.
*This is HUGE.
*I made a choice. I know things are going to be hard.
*People can be very discouraging.
*I hope I don't regret this. I've decided that whatever happens, I WONT regret it. I'm going to go along with this.
*Umm. What else.
*I came back from Lahore a day ago. Stayed two weeks. It was FUN.
*I watched Inception. Finally. LOVED it. Its hard to pull off an idea like that.
*I feel weird nowadays. Constantly. Ajeeb.
*Its cold. I sleep in a blanket. I wear socks.
*I hate formalities. They make everything so complicated. One doesn't know whats real.
*I was traumatized yesterday. Ive never seen a mouse or a rat upclose. I was in the kitchen. I felt something on my leg. It was something black and furry, and then it ran under the stove. I screamed-ish. And stayed in shock. I wanted to cut my leg off.
*Dad is SO CUTE. He does NOT want me to leave for Lahore. So he wasn't happy with me. But then later he called me and said 'Main soch raha tha surprise karoon, but phir socha ke pooch loon. Fish khaao gi? Le aata hoon'. I was like. Yay. =). I love fish.
Okay, more later.
*Im sleepy.


Roshni said...

Which institute? Is this nosey? Are you still going to tell?.. Good luck dude...remember commitment is commitment. IA it'll work out best for you - the move I mean. Besides Lahore is a fun place..possibly one of the funnest in Pakistan (Alhamdullilah, please oh God don't jinx what I just said!)...
Fryed fish?
Inception WAS good... did you think at the end..he was still in the dream? the thing kept rolling y'know? ...It was mind-fuck =o..

N said...

it'll be great! dont worry. i'll be there with you. =) we'll be awesome together. =D

The Me. said...

Roshni: Hahaha. I don't think its nosey. Its more like curiosity. But I make it a point to not give out personal specefics on my blog =\ . I have no problem telling you though =p . So eee, whatev.
AND. Yeah hopefully things will turn out fine. I have no idea about anything atm. AND. Yeaaaah. Yaar.
Inception main, I was like. Fall! fall! fall! But the stupid thing wouldn't topple over -.- . But I'm going to believe keh it does fall. I like a happy ending -.- . So whatev.

N: We might not be there together na =[ . So. Pataww naiii.

Anonymous said...

Dad is awesome.
Also, I was probably the most encouraging person throughout this affair haha.