Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Eid be tomorrow. We're going to Pindi. Cousins and people gathering there. So fun. HOPEFULLY. INSHALLAH. Okay? =]
So. Its Teetee's birthday today. Aww. =)
Last night, I was making sausages in the pan. And I did everything right, but somehow, suddenly the pan caught fire. And i was holding the pan. And i didn't know what to do, and s2 was there with me and she ran to get the water bottle. And I was running after her, with the pan still on fire. =) And then s2 told me to put it down. And so i did. And that was the end of it =p . But it was exhilerating. And fun. Haha.

And and. Then.

Kylie give me just a chance, lets go out and dance.

Haha. Its such a shitty funny song.

I got an inbox today. On facebook:

HeYi !!
how are you ,I hope that you will be doing good .. So i am Hasan from Lahore (pAk) Doing Mcs and i want to know What do you do and where are you from ? Your Likings Dislikings and About Your Self ?

Take Care :P

My likings and dislikings. :3) Hahah.

I just sneezed.

Happy eid y'all!

Dad wants me to make coffee for him. He said the coffee i made for him lastnight was yum. =) Yayiee. Okaybye.

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Anonymous said...

I do read your blog, and still love it.