Friday, October 29, 2010

Ima be awesome anyway.

Met N yesterday. Finally. We talked and talked. It was fun. She showed me the picture of this cake which she ate recently. It looked so yum. It's haunting me since. I want it. I neeed it! But i'm going back home in a day so whatev. Hahah. S2's stomach made a funny noise. Lol.
Teetee was crying alot today. But then I started playing with her and she quitened down. I felt so proud. She likes me and all. Heeeheee.
I made coffee for s2 half an hour ago. The lights were out and I couldn't find a matchstick and it was annoying, but I still made it. She owes me BIGTIME. So. What else.
'It's your duty to serve me. Because you're my servant.'
THAT ^^ .. Is what s2 just wrote. She snatched the iphone that I'm writing this on and wrote that shit. =] pagal.
Anyway. Cake chahiye naaaaaa. Laa ke do!
Life is weird. And this must be the billionth time I'm saying this. But it really is. What do you expect me to say. It's so weird. It comes up with weird ideas. Creative ones. Destructive ones. And we can't do anything about it. Life is bossy. I don't like bossy people.
I like good conversation. There aren't many people I can have that with though. People are weird. That includes me too, don't worry.

I was sad because i don't get that many comments anymore. But then I realized that I'm just being greedy. -.- so I'm not going to be greedy anymore. Ima be awesome anyway.
Okay. S2 needs her phone now so I gotta close.
Babaaaaaaaaye! (teetee style xD).


Koo said...

Yes, you're awesome. :)

Muhammad I. said...

since you love comments so much, here's a comment :P
i was chatting with N when she told me u were there lol

The Me. said...

koo: =D

muhammad: Hahha yay thanks!
And yes, she told me you were online. =p haha. Keep reading!

Roshni said...

why do you need a stove to make coffee? How do YOU make coffee? o-0

secret.whispers said...

i love being awesome.
i love my baby cousin too. i miss her so much. i hate living so far away :(

P.S. I like your blog :)

The Me. said...

Roshni: Yaar. Simple. I beat the coffee first. And then pour hot milk and stir. I needed the stove to heat the milk!

secret whispers: Thaanks :D

Ally said...

hey! about roshni' question,she lives in UK, she is unaware of the traditional pakistani styles of cooking :P they probably don't know that in pakistan they don't have coffee makers, and sometimes they don't heat milk in the microwave(although they have it!) and she probably doesn't know that in pakistan they don't usually have electric stoves! :P hope it helps her :P