Saturday, November 6, 2010


I made tea for mom and dad today. I thought I had made the BEST TEA EVER. I thought it would blow them away. I thought the colour was perfect. But. They said it was one of the worst cups of tea i've ever made them. =) How sweet.
Also. I mean. I have thsi t-shirt. I LOVE IT. I adore it. Its the awesomest tee ever. I call it my Red Tee. But today. S1 was like. Its brown. And i was like. o.O ? And she was like. Yes its brown. I mean. Its RED. Dark RED. Its NOT brown. I was offended. I asked dad. He couldn't really decide either. I asked mom. She said it was Rust. I asked her if it was Red or Brown. She sad it was Red + Brown. So. Umm. Rust.
But then I thought Rust is cool too. My awesome Rust Tee. :D Isn't it?
So Rust it is. It has a nice ring to it.

'is feeling sporty, amongst other things.' - Is my Facebook status.

Umm. Okay. More later.


Faith Carter said...

You type how you talk. I like that.

Awesome Rust Tee does sound pretty, well, awesome. Def stick with that.

->> Fai

Shreya said...

I make pathetic tea too.

Rust sounds sexy no? o_O'

They all hate us. They tell us things we don't want to hear.

The Me. said...

Faith: :D Yay. Ooo, and yeah, rust it is!

Shreeya: THEY are evil. You're right.
And I made good tea today. Lalalalaaa.

Tazeen said...

Rust is a beautiful colour.

I'm not allowed to put too much sugar into my tea now so it tastes real bad. But.

Roshni said...

Rust? a burnt red sort of colour? ..picture? I be all intrigued now yoooo. I have a similar t-shirt and I cant tell whether its white or off-white or like a faint yellow...but it has an owl on it and owls are cool. ^____^
Also...why the word verification when you moderate the coments anyway? ..I get some real stinky ones man.

uzme said...

Rusty is awesome and so deep:O
And..I dunno how to make tea either:\
I can make double chocolate peanut butter cake but I cant make a cup of tea. Its okay.

Anonymous said...

Its deep brown. You're just calling it rust to make it look cool. It aint that cool either :)

Also, you're very proud of your status I know =P