Saturday, November 27, 2010


When i see someone make a lame joke, or say something really cheap and then laugh at it, I want to be able to say to their face 'ew, that was so cheap!'. But I can't. And that's sad. Sigh.
Im obsessed with that song by Eminem, called Beautiful. Of all the people, yes its Eminem's song that i've become obsessed with.. I don't know.
I want to have fun. I want to be busy. I want to run, or work, or play a sport, or just do something very tiring. Physically tiring, not mentally tiring. I really want to. =[ But there's nothing. Not at 1 am in the morning atleast.
A friend's dad is going to Tanzania. =O . I asked her to ask him to bring me a teeny souvenir. LOL =o . And she said yeah sure. Oooo. Fun no? I know.
I hate fighting. So lame.
No one talks proper anymore. I'd like to be able to talk good stuff with people yknow. Have a good conversation. A solid one. Not about lame everyday stuff, but about random little important stuff. People tend to lie alot. You never know what they're really thinking. Its so confusing. Its lame. Are you reaching outt for me? Ïm reaching out for youuuu. Lalalaa.
I think I would never be able to act. As in, seriously, act. Because i think I'd be too distracted. I'd have a billion little things going on in my mind at all times, and I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my lines. Or my facial expressions. Therefore, no acting. Not for me, no.
I haven't been going out for walks on the terrace lately. Ive become so lazy. I don't get bored at all. Im lazy. Eww.
I'm not ready to die. But then, is anyone?


H.G. said...

YOU ARE AWESOME..! (and you know it) :-)

That song indeed is beautiful... We can all relate to it...
"I don't get bored at all" Its because you're always looking for something to do... Something new, something interesting. This is a good thing.
Winters are lazy. But you gotta kill the procrastination.
Believe a little bit more in yourself... Afterall, you've got the most powerful superpower in the world with you... Ask HIM to help... Allah listens... :)

Of all the subjects in the world, I love sensitive people. ;-)
- H.G.


SaJ said...

iComment :)
Can I say I love the song too? Okay, watever.
Link died by the way.

Moonie said...

Tanzania is a funny name for a country..or a city. whatever. it sounds like some place Tarzan would stay. or Taz from the loony toons.

The Me. said...

H.G : Hahah thaaanks!. Winters aaare lazy, but fun too. It depends. But yes i'm planning to do something about the laziness. More fun be neeeded!

SaJ: Yes you can say that =p . And thaaanks for telling me :o , i've removed it now.

Moonie: Hahah it does remind me of Taz from Looney toons =D . But a souvenir would be nice no?

Sarah B. Haider said...

hey there. I stumbled upon your blog today and but before i could read anything, i thought of leaving a suggestion. The font colour is really dull and it is making readability very difficult. I hope u will consider.
The overall look and feel is cool.