Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hey you!

My friend R is leaving for Dubai in a day or two. We all went for a farewell lunch at her place. Which turned out to be a farewell day. Wihch turned out to be FUN. Im back home now. Really tired. Exhausted. Feverish even. (exaggerating).

I love my friends. They're the craziest. I like them the way they are. They make me laugh.

Im very thoughtful these days. So many new thoughts. New ideas. New questions. Not many answers, thankyouverymuch. Its making me restless. Very.

I talked to a friend today whose sister died recently. Im not close to her, but she just started talking about it. Life's unbelievable yknow. It felt weird.

Everyone out there has deserted my blog for some reason. Not nice. At all. -.-

My back hurts. My head hurts. My legs hurt a little.

I looked good today. Everybody said so. Oh yeah.



Alpha Za said...

It's always odd to talk about the unthinkable, rarely do we actually consciously think how all the people we meet will eventually die. it's weird.

But when someone who you love needs to talk about it, you do it. Because that's what friends do. Weird things for each other that no one else will.

A friend will help you move, a good friend will help you move a body.

Roshni said...

People with names beginnign with R are cool. ^_^

Koo said...

Blogosphere is rather deserted these days :\

Sara said...

i hate it when im unable to find answers.
ooh i started my photoblog. do check out. feedback will be appreciated =)

Tazeen said...

Aww man. I stopped visiting your blog. :/ No worries. I'll be making up for it, InshaAllah!

It's good when you are told you look good. Feels nice. =)

The Me. said...

Alpha Za: Seriously. Its haunting, talking about death. Grr. And true, about friends. Friends be the life.

Roshni: Hahaha. =p

Koo: Really? I thought it was just me. Or maybe it is just me. o.O . Whatever the case. I don't like it. -.-

Sara: We all do, I think. =\

Tazeen: Yes you better! =P Hahah. Welcome back, you.
And yeah :o feels very nice indeed =p .

Maryam said...

I'm still reeling from lack of attention, nobody comments anymore =(
We should make a pact to keep visiting each others blogs -___-

Haha. My feet hurt bad. Bad. Like vary vary bad. Shaadiyan and high heels.

I like my new friends =P