Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Going to lahore this morning. 7 a.m.
Hectic day today. Emotionally.
I hope I have fun.
I need fun.
I need white, in my gray.
I got thinner these past few days.
Im eating my way back.
Not nice.
Kheer is so nice. Can't help it.
Talked to N today. After so long.
Whined. Talked. We need to talk more.
What was this stupid gap that we had?
Timing. That was the issue.
I appreciate straight forward people.
I feel different.
I feel confused.
Like, my mind's changing.
Or something.
I miss Comments.
I read all my comments when im half-asleep.
I dream about the weirdest stuff.
You can't even imagine.
I miss everything.
I finished Thorn Birds. I loved it.
Looking around s1's room. Searching for things i can write about.
S1 just started singing. Gay song. I think.
People are weird.
I feel weird.

Me to s1: Title batao koi.
s1: Bull shit.



Roshni said...


The Me. said...

Chocolate? =o Woot? =o

Ubaid said...

welcome to lahore :D

Sara said...

aww that is so cute. totally random and straight from the heart. i like.
lahore is fun dude. =)

Koo said...

Haha :)

Maryam said...

I'm in Lahore. We can haz fun! =D

Disguise said...

Arre awww.

Sana Castellano said...

I miss comments too. I like Gay songs.